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[World] Joe Biden's redistribution of vaccine-wealth scheme

President Joe Biden just announced a plan to buy 500 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus shot to distribute around the world “with no strings attached,” simply “to save lives” and “to end this pandemic,” he said.

Isn’t that special. But when Joe Biden gives, it’s not from his own ... Published:6/12/2021 4:54:47 PM

[World] Team Biden transforms into the 'new Carter administration'

The Consumer Price Index report for May indicated a 5% increase in consumer prices over May 2020. The report suggests that the United States is on track to experience a 9.0% increase in consumer prices in 2021.

That would be the largest annual increase in inflation since 1980, when it ... Published:6/12/2021 4:24:33 PM

[World] [Jonathan H. Adler] Remembering Judge Robert Katzmann The nation loses an important jurist and legal thinker. Published:6/12/2021 4:24:33 PM
[World] StockWatch: AMD’s stock has been left behind, but not for long — here’s why Advanced Micro Devices has a slew of new cutting-edge products, not to mention a key acquisition, to accelerate growth.
Published:6/12/2021 12:24:48 PM
[World] The Ratings Game: Target’s traffic growth tops Costco, a good sign with back-to-school and holidays still to come UBS says Target's traffic growth is in line with Home Depot and Lowe's.
Published:6/12/2021 11:54:36 AM
[World] Lawrence A. Cunningham's Quality Investing: Memo to company directors: Deliver for shareholders or face consequences Investors' vote to put activists on Exxon Mobil's board shows corporate democracy in action.
Published:6/12/2021 7:58:38 AM
[World] Biden Rallies the Old Allies as the China Conflict Looms

The new president’s first foreign trip has been all but dominated by a challenge initiated by his predecessor: facing facts on Beijing.

The post Biden Rallies the Old Allies as the China Conflict Looms appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/11/2021 11:19:26 PM
[World] [John Ross] Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions The First Amendment behind bars, illegal antiquities, and architecture as expression. Published:6/11/2021 3:47:03 PM
[World] [Samuel Bray] The Mischief Rule If you're interested in statutory interpretation--including the relationship of text and context--you'll want to read The Mischief Rule. It has just gone to print, and you can find the final version here. Although this article is for everyone, textualists and non-textualists alike, it is especially an argument directed at my fellow textualists--an argument that textualism should… Published:6/11/2021 2:16:50 PM
[World] Rank hypocrisy in Biden's press criticisms of Trump

President Biden uttered “it’s simply, simply wrong” when news arrived that the Trump Justice Department had spied on reporters’ phone records and emails to try to catch leakers.

Mr. Biden’s verdict sounded great for the First Amendment in an era of left-wing muzzling.

You would never ... Published:6/11/2021 12:47:21 PM

[World] [Robert Leider] Legal Doctrine and Conventional Criminal Law Legislatures and courts should assist the development and enforcement of beneficial legal conventions. Published:6/11/2021 11:46:10 AM
[World] Daily Dose of Downey: Hero Cop Demoted, Another 'Random' Race Crime, and Dems Have No Standards Published:6/11/2021 10:47:07 AM
[World] [Jeffrey Rachlinski] Emotional Influences on Judges Despite a veneer of logical dispassion research shows that sympathy and other emotions influence judicial decision making. Published:6/11/2021 7:15:14 AM
[World] G7’s Global Tax Plans Threaten Prosperity Worldwide

President Biden's international tax scheme discourages investment, harming those he seeks to help.

The post G7’s Global Tax Plans Threaten Prosperity Worldwide appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/10/2021 11:12:37 PM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: U.S. lifts sanctions on more than a dozen former Iranian officials and energy firms The Biden administration lifted sanctions on more than a dozen former Iranian officials and energy companies on Thursday, an action that comes amid stalled nuclear negotiations, but U.S. officials said the move signals Washington’s commitment to easing a broader pressure campaign if Tehran changes its behavior.
Published:6/10/2021 3:40:15 PM
[World] Tony Fauci's coverup and blood on his hands

Last year Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back hard disputing both me, Senator Tom Cotton and Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, who first asserted COVID-19 most likely came from a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China.  We now know from his recently released emails his pushback was part of a broader cover-up of his ... Published:6/10/2021 3:09:35 PM

[World] Congress' Big Media collusion bill will only encourage censorship and undermine small publishers

In the name of protecting journalism and media diversity, Congress has come up with a bizarre scheme: an antitrust law carve-out that allows media companies to collude and form cartels to push big tech into toeing their line.

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) is a bipartisan bill that’s ... Published:6/10/2021 2:09:38 PM

[World] Virginia Tech Jock Kills Lover After 'Discovering' She Is a He Published:6/10/2021 2:09:38 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Justice Thomas Takes One For The Team in Borden v. U.S. "This case forces us to choose between aggravating a past error and committing a new one. I must choose the former." Published:6/10/2021 1:39:01 PM
[World] New York Residents Will Get Stuck with Even Higher Utility Bills Due to Biden Corporate Tax Rate Hike Published:6/10/2021 11:09:37 AM
[World] Turks Enraged as Reveals the Truth: Most of Them Are Greeks Published:6/10/2021 11:09:37 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Update on Predicting SCOTUS Assignments for the November Sitting Justice Kagan wrote Borden. The Chief likely has the Obamacare case, and Justice Alito likely has Fulton. Published:6/10/2021 9:38:47 AM
[World] [Robert Leider] Reaching Equilibrium: How Do Criminal Law Conventions Develop? Justice Scalia's celebrated dissent in Morrison v. Olson, which argued that the independent counsel statute was unconstitutional, contains two important themes. The first concerned separation of powers and explained why Congress had unconstitutionally removed an officer exercising purely executive power from the supervision of the President. But Part V of the opinion heads in a… Published:6/10/2021 8:07:26 AM
[World] [Jeffrey Rachlinski] Gains and Losses: The Arbitrary Effect of Decision Frame The outcome of a lawsuit can sometimes turn on an arbitrary reference point. Published:6/10/2021 7:39:01 AM
[World] Michael Strahan's Father's Day Gift Ideas Will Make Dad Feel Seen & Heard E-Comm: Michael Strahan's Father's Day Gift GuideWe interviewed this celebrity because we think you'll like their picks. Some of the products shown are from the celebrity's own product line. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get...
Published:6/10/2021 7:11:03 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Thursday Open Thread What's on your mind? Published:6/9/2021 11:35:10 PM
[World] What to Do About Belarus?

The Belarusian government's tyranny is concerning, but any U.S. response must be prudent and consistent.

The post What to Do About Belarus? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/9/2021 11:07:35 PM
[World] Five things to watch at the G-7 summit of allies, Biden's international debut

President Biden arrives in Cornwall, England, late Wednesday for a three-day meeting of heads of leading democracies, ahead of next week's face-off with Russia's Putin.

Published:6/9/2021 8:33:43 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] "A Narrative We Thought We Knew Is Not the Reality" Words worth remembering. Published:6/9/2021 8:33:42 PM
[World] [Orin S. Kerr] The Supreme Court Reins in the CFAA in Van Buren A very important ruling. Published:6/9/2021 8:03:49 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] A Case with "All the Trappings of a Bingeworthy (or Cringeworthy) Primetime Soap Opera" So Judge Joshua D. Wolson describes the Counterclaims in yesterday's decision in Barbounis v. Middle East Forum (E.D. Pa.): But drama does not a federal case make. Spoiler alert: the Middle East Forum has not offered evidence to make out its claims against Lisa Barbounis, and she is entitled to summary judgment on each one….… Published:6/9/2021 7:03:39 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] 11th Circuit Divides About Whether Design of Palm Beach Mansion is Protected by the First Amendment We "affirm on the First Amendment claim because there was no great likelihood that some sort of message would be understood by those who viewed Burns's new beachfront mansion" Published:6/9/2021 5:32:54 PM
[World] Can wise Republicans capitalize on Democrats' progressive overreach in 2024?

In an era of political correctness, virtue signaling and woke-ness, wisdom is in such short supply that when discovered it stands out like a beacon in a storm.

Wisdom should not be equated with information, of which we have plenty, though information is less informative than it is directive toward ... Published:6/9/2021 4:32:43 PM

[World] Daily Dose of Downey: Stop Arguing With Guntards, and De Blasio Is NYC's Mao Published:6/9/2021 3:33:48 PM
[World] America the beautiful ... or is it America the evil?

The American flag, the 50 stars on a field of navy and the 13 stripes of red and white, have long signified freedom. If the words we recited every day in elementary school are to be believed, the flag also stands for liberty and justice for all. 

Ironically there was ... Published:6/9/2021 2:32:04 PM

[World] Bill Clinton was right about Obama ...

Maybe Bill Clinton was right about President Obama.

After all, Arkansas Bubba was America’s “first black president.” 

Back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was scheduled to be America’s Next President (The first time. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!), Bill Clinton became enraged after his Black voters down in South Carolina ... Published:6/9/2021 11:31:59 AM

[World] 'Do not come': Kamala Harris' three words to Guatemalans stir debate and backlash

Kamala Harris received an onslaught of backlash after she told would-be migrants 'do not come' to the U.S. But the message is no different from past Democratic administrations.

Published:6/9/2021 11:14:05 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Over the past year, the Supreme Court Public Information Office "Clipped Approximately 10,000 News Articles Related to the Court and the Justices, Roughly Half of Them Tweets" I am horrified to think there are 5,000 tweets worth clipping for the Justices. Published:6/9/2021 11:14:05 AM
[World] The Tell: Why one fund manager has been snapping up shares of Intel and Amazon A European investor in U.S. stocks has been increasing its stake in Intel and Amazon.
Published:6/9/2021 10:33:06 AM
[World] [Robert Leider] The Legitimacy of Conventional Criminal Law Our preferences for statutory criminal law should be reexamined. Published:6/9/2021 8:00:22 AM
[World] [Jeffrey Rachlinski] The Bizarre Effects of Anchoring Research with trial judges shows that arbitrary numeric reference points have a powerful effect on their decisions. Published:6/9/2021 7:29:53 AM
[World] Mexico’s AMLO Still Overshadowed by Cartels

As it waits for the final results of its latest election our southern neighbor continues to struggle with violence and instability.

The post Mexico’s AMLO Still Overshadowed by Cartels appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/8/2021 11:04:49 PM
[World] The Moneyist: My sister took care of our parents, and kept their $80K savings when they died. Now she wants to live rent-free in their house ‘None of us are wealthy, but because my sister lived with my parents for approximately eight years prior to their deaths, we didn’t contest her demands.’
Published:6/8/2021 11:04:49 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Law Professor Skipped Teaching Plessy v. Ferguson, Edited Dred Scott to Two Paragraphs “I wasn’t comfortable giving [Taney's] words to my students because I was afraid it would hurt them and destroy the kind of community I want to foster in class.” Published:6/8/2021 8:26:57 PM
[World] Tara Ross: State legislatures should fix election process


Editor’s note: This is one in a series examining the Constitution and Federalist Papers in today’s America. Click HERE to read the series.


State sovereignty is at the heart of the election system. The Constitution places responsibility ... Published:6/8/2021 3:28:32 PM

[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'How to Avoid a Climate Disaster'


By Bill Gates

Knopf, $26.95, 272 pages

Bill Gates has been in the news recently — but for all the wrong reasons. His book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and ... Published:6/8/2021 2:28:07 PM

[World] Los Angeles Times appeals judge's ruling denying access to Sen. Burr search warrant

The L.A. Times is appealing a ruling by a federal judge blocking access to a search warrant for Sen. Richard Burr's phone.

Published:6/8/2021 1:55:36 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Biden v. Garland: When DOJ Takes Positions the President Disagrees With. Biden and Garland on not on the same page about Puerto Rico, E. Jean Carroll, the Mueller Memo, and gag orders of the press. Published:6/8/2021 12:52:55 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Conversations with the Sixth Circuit: An Interview with Judge Danny Boggs For once, the clerk interviews his judge! Published:6/8/2021 7:51:07 AM
[World] Ronald Reagan warned us about Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is fielding a lot of bad press right now, particularly from Republicans who have found, among his many FOID’d emails, plenty of cause to call out his seeming lies, deceptions, spins and flip-flopping testimonies on the coronavirus. #FireFauci, in other words, is a hashtag that’s much-deserved.

But ... Published:6/8/2021 4:49:59 AM

[World] America’s Coming War with China

Conflict is both undesirable and imprudent, but appears inevitable given our current leadership.

The post America’s Coming War with China appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/7/2021 11:20:18 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] "Where Are We—in Moscow in 1953 …?" A sobering article about the allegations and counter-allegations related to Prof. Amy Chua's supposedly having students over for forbidden gatherings. Published:6/7/2021 8:17:45 PM
[World] Suspects Arrested in Road Rage Shooting Death of 6-Year-Old on California Freeway Published:6/7/2021 7:47:15 PM
[World] It's time for an Anglo-American free trade deal

One of the most compelling arguments in favor of Brexit was that it would give Britain control over its trade policy for the first time in a generation. No longer part of a protectionist European trade block, Brexit Britain is free to negotiate trade deals with partners around the world, ... Published:6/7/2021 5:46:30 PM

[World] [Stewart Baker] Transatlantic Drift Episode 365 of the Cyberlaw Podcast Published:6/7/2021 5:46:29 PM
[World] Watering down the definition of 'torture' does nothing to protect us

Recently, a coalition of groups including the ACLU and the Center for Victims of Torture urged the Biden administration to change the Army Field Manual guidelines for interrogations. But their definition of what constitutes “torture” is absurdly broad. Should it be adopted, the only winners are those who seek to ... Published:6/7/2021 3:48:35 PM

[World] Order Anything From Pizza Hut and a Side of Toxic Racism Goes to Kids in Public Schools Published:6/7/2021 3:48:35 PM
[World] Crypto: DOJ says ‘millions of dollars of bitcoin’ reclaimed from ransom paid to Colonial Pipeline hackers The Justice Department, in conjunction with other federal authorities, on Monday said that the majority of the ransomware paid to hackers last month has been recaptured.
Published:6/7/2021 3:16:00 PM
[World] [WATCH] Do Fathers Really Matter? Published:6/7/2021 2:46:18 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Let's talk about Justice Kavanaugh's vote in National Coalition for Men v. Selective Service System Why? Why? Why? Published:6/7/2021 11:45:11 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Profs. Jeffrey Rachlinski & Andrew Wistrich Guest-Blogging on "Judging Autonomous Vehicles" I'm delighted to report that we will have two sets of guest-posts this week: In addition to Prof. Robert Leider's posts on criminal law, Profs. Jeffrey Rachlinski & Andrew Wistrich (Cornell) will be guest-blogging this week (starting tomorrow) on their new article, Judging Autonomous Vehicles: The introduction of any new technology challenges judges to determine… Published:6/7/2021 10:14:50 AM
[World] Europe Markets: European stocks slip from record high European stocks edged back from record levels on Monday, as traders absorbed an environment where jobs growth is lagging behind the broader economic recovery.
Published:6/7/2021 3:42:37 AM
[World] Pentagon Papers Failed to Prevent Perpetual Media Kowtowing

Instead of holding the federal government accountable, the media have become its largest enabler.

The post Pentagon Papers Failed to Prevent Perpetual Media Kowtowing appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/6/2021 11:11:38 PM
[World] Happy Pride Month! Celebrating the essential vice and utmost evil

On June 1, 2021, Joe Biden used his bully pulpit to encourage Americans to stand proud in our nation’s march for what he called equality. “Pride stands for courage. [Pride] stands for justice, and most of all [pride] stands for love … Happy Pride Month!” the president tweeted.  

In the ... Published:6/6/2021 6:42:22 PM

[World] [Josh Blackman] Predicting SCOTUS Assignments for the November Sitting Who will write Fulton and the Obamacare case? Published:6/6/2021 4:12:52 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] ACLU Attorney who Argued Skokie Nazi Case: "Liberals are leaving the First Amendment behind." The N.Y. Times published a detailed analysis about the ACLU"s "Identity Crisis." Published:6/6/2021 1:49:45 PM
[World] The truth of COVID-19 and demand for accountability

Two weeks ago, in response to the mounting evidence of the plausibility of the theory that SARS-CoV-2 may have leaked from a Chinese lab, President Biden ordered an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 by the U.S. intelligence agencies and called for a full report within 90 days. But what ... Published:6/6/2021 9:37:50 AM

[World] Biden budget attacks bipartisan consensus against taxpayer funding of abortion

Last week, President Biden released his $6 trillion budget proposal for fiscal year 2022, which includes significant spending increases on infrastructure and social programs. Even more notable, Mr. Biden’s budget proposal does not contain the Hyde Amendment — an annual appropriations rider that limits the ability of the federal government ... Published:6/5/2021 9:03:06 PM

[World] Joe Biden has some 'splainin' to do about Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci may be facing some serious accusations of lying about the origins of the coronavirus, of lying about the efficacy of the face masks, of lying about the types of research U.S. taxpayers may have been funding in Wuhan’s lab — but President Joe Biden says not to worry.

Published:6/5/2021 6:02:31 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Nametags at Conferences: Four Fails Four errors conference organizers often make with nametags, and how to avoid them. Published:6/5/2021 11:59:36 AM
[World] Weekend Sip: This smoky Scotch honors a mythic dragon Islay whisky maker Ardbeg’s new, distinctive offering packs flavors of black licorice and 'medicinal lozenges'
Published:6/5/2021 10:30:53 AM
[World] The Mayweather-Paul Boxing Spectacle Monetizes Our Vices

Sunday's fight will attract viewers and money by capitalizing on our insatiable desire for content.

The post The Mayweather-Paul Boxing Spectacle Monetizes Our Vices appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/4/2021 11:33:38 PM
[World] Zayn Malik Appears to Get Into Heated Confrontation Outside New York City Bar Zayn MalikZayn Malik had quite the dramatic night...sans shirt. The former One Direction star got into a confrontation this week outside a bar in New York City, according to video obtained by TMZ....
Published:6/4/2021 3:53:32 PM
[World] [John Ross] Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions A Social Security screw-up, prolonged detentions, and greasing the wheels of justice. Published:6/4/2021 2:53:16 PM
[World] On COVID--It's China ... And the United States?

President Biden recently tasked the U.S. Intelligence Community to “redouble” its efforts to identify the origin of the COVID-19 virus. The community already has been focused on this for eighteen months. Its conclusions so far: It is either manmade and escaped from a lab or it developed naturally and jumped ... Published:6/4/2021 1:27:10 PM

[World] Rep. Lee Zeldin on Anti-Semitism, Anti-Israel Rhetoric, Bill to Oppose BDS Movement

Rep. Lee Zeldin and several of his House Republican colleagues are hoping to force a vote on a bill meant to oppose the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Published:6/4/2021 12:28:01 PM
[World] Who's to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic?

Of the reactions to the outbreak of disease caused by the COVID-19 virus, then-president Donald Trump’s is certainly the best known and that of Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) the least.

In mid-March 2020, Mr. Trump began calling the disease the “Chinese flu,” for ... Published:6/4/2021 12:28:01 PM

[World] The Margin: Don’t laminate your COVID vaccination card before doing these 5 things How to keep your COVID vaccine card safe, and what to do if you lose it
Published:6/4/2021 11:23:19 AM
[World] : U.S. factory orders fall 0.6%, snapping 11-month growth streak Economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal expected a 0.2% decline, and the drop snapped an eleven-month string of consecutive increases going back to May of last year.
Published:6/4/2021 9:21:56 AM
[World] London Markets: London stocks pinned down by Pershing Square Holdings, banks and travel companies London stocks were set to end the week with a small gain, with losses for banks and energy names and for investment fund Pershing Square Holdings, while travel-related names continued to suffer on new rules for traveling to Portugal.
Published:6/4/2021 8:51:33 AM
[World] The Sea Change That Is the Fall of Netanyahu

The likely ouster of the seminal Israeli prime minister would end a decade in power that changed both Israel and the U.S.

The post The Sea Change That Is the Fall of Netanyahu appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/3/2021 11:20:27 PM
[World] World condemned in pursuit of Great Orange Whale ...

In an era of fake political scandals, real scandals hide.

Despite zero evidence of then-President Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, a thousand investigations were launched.

Pulitzer Prizes were handed out to the most corrupt and dishonest persecutors. The sleaziest politicians were rewarded with greater power. Kabuki impeachment proceedings were conducted — ... Published:6/3/2021 5:16:58 PM

[World] : ‘Will Social Security be there when I retire?’ Confusion about this question is hindering saving for young people The Social Security insolvency confusion may cost you money
Published:6/3/2021 2:16:07 PM
[World] Biden must stand firm in date with wily Putin

At the tail end of his first international trip after meetings with G-7 leaders and NATO members, President Biden will hold a one-day summit June 16 with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Biden, who proposed a summit during his April phone call with Mr. Putin, will confront a relationship which ... Published:6/3/2021 12:16:11 PM

[World] The Streets Were My Father: Gritty New Movie Examines the Value of Fatherhood Published:6/3/2021 11:47:13 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Congratulations to Orin Kerr, Cited 4 Times in Today's Supreme Court Majority Opinion It's Van Buren v. U.S., which is all about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, on which Orin is the leading expert. Published:6/3/2021 9:15:25 AM
[World] : AMC stock dives after deal to sell up to 11.6 million shares Shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. swung to loss in early trading Thursday, after the movie theater operator announced a deal to sell up to 11.6 million shares, as it takes advantage of the recent trading frenzy to raise cash.
Published:6/3/2021 7:16:11 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] "The 'Essential' Free Exercise Clause" Has Been Published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 124 pages will take you from the onset of the pandemic through Tandom v. Newsom Published:6/3/2021 6:47:58 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Thursday Open Thread What's on your mind? Published:6/2/2021 11:12:47 PM
[World] The Curse of Politics

What was once a great human comedy has been moved beyond even tragedy.

The post The Curse of Politics appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/2/2021 11:12:47 PM
[World] American trade and investment relationships with Africa matter

“Trade, not aid.”

Two key speakers promoted that slogan at a recent roundtable event hosted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee in honor of Africa Day, commemorating the launch of the Organisation of African Unity.

Rep. Karen Bass, California Democrat and chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa, ... Published:6/2/2021 5:09:46 PM

[World] How GiveSendGo is applying Christian principles to our business model and giving hope to the lonely

The events of the past year affected not only the human body, but the soul and spirit as well. 

First, there came news of a virus half a world away. Before we knew it, the virus was here and suddenly we could no longer go out in public or see ... Published:6/2/2021 2:41:23 PM

[World] Taking liberty for granted

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826).

No one knows if Thomas Jefferson personally uttered those words. They have been widely attributed to him, but they don’t appear in any of his writings. If he did not literally utter them, he uttered the sentiments they offer. ... Published:6/2/2021 1:40:29 PM

[World] The Number One: Walmart, Amazon and Apple top the 2021 Fortune 500 list — here’s what they have in common Some retailers saw a pandemic boost, but 108 companies lost a combined $224 billion last year
Published:6/2/2021 12:44:06 PM
[World] Fauci should drop the mask on Wuhan

While our masks come off, Dr. Anthony Fauci still wears his mask of secrecy – one that cloaks the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ response to COVID-19. The time for an honest discussion regarding Dr. Fauci’s leadership and actions during the pandemic is long overdue.

Scientists have ... Published:6/2/2021 11:46:35 AM

[World] [Josh Blackman] Rutgers Law School SBA Tried to Force Student Organizations to Host Events on Critical Racial Theory Fortunately, the SBA backed down after FIRE intervened. Published:6/2/2021 9:37:50 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Announcing A Tri-Journal Note Exchange Between the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty, the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy, and the Texas Review of Law & Politics I commend the journals for this forward-thinking move, and encourage other law schools to establish journals for conservative, libertarian, textualist, originalist, and classical liberal scholarship. Published:6/2/2021 8:38:25 AM
[World] Friday's Jobs Report May Blow Up Biden's Presidency Published:6/2/2021 8:08:08 AM
[World] Europe Markets: Oil gains boost energy stocks in Europe, but markets tread water along with U.S. stock futures Investors are waiting for the next catalyst to push markets higher, which could come in the form of jobs data due later this week. Energy stocks rise as oil prices rise.
Published:6/2/2021 3:47:55 AM
[World] Roundabouts Are Better Published:6/1/2021 11:35:33 PM
[World] The Outsourcing of America’s Food

They used to grow apples in Iowa; now the apple juice comes from China and it's just corn and soy as far as the eye can see.

The post The Outsourcing of America’s Food appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:6/1/2021 11:05:36 PM
[World] Ellie Kemper Totally Deserves Her Twitter Bashing Published:6/1/2021 10:08:53 PM
[World] [Stewart Baker] Does Good Ransomware Policy Have To Be Boring? Episode 364 of the Cyberlaw Podcast Published:6/1/2021 8:25:45 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] U.S. Daily COVID-19 Deaths Dip to Lowest Level Since March 2020 On Sunday, the 7-day rolling average (which flattens out differences in reporting by day of week) was 504; Monday's was even lower, 472, but that might have been influenced by the holiday. This is of course still a massive death rate, three times more than even in the worst of recent flu seasons, but the… Published:6/1/2021 7:32:58 PM
[World] Media opts for frenzy of cartoonish smears over COVID-19's likely source

One of the big stories for the last few weeks has been the sudden acknowledgement by legacy media and the establishment that COVID-19 very well may have emerged from the Wuhan lab. Many already knew last year of the high potential of the lab’s involvement, and that it was a ... Published:6/1/2021 6:39:29 PM

[World] Liberal media finally admit canceling Wuhan Lab leak theory because of Trump

When SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, first emerged, the main question that everyone wanted answered was simple: Where did it come from?

China quickly said the virus emerged at a “wet market” in Wuhan — which also happens to be home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, one of ... Published:6/1/2021 5:32:27 PM

[World] The Margin: Vaccinated against COVID? Get 2 free Krispy Kreme doughnuts this Friday Krispy Kreme has already given away 1.5 million free doughnuts to vaccinated customers
Published:6/1/2021 4:32:31 PM
[World] Capitol Report: Biden unveils steps aimed at closing racial wealth gap as he marks Tulsa massacre’s 100th anniversary President Joe Biden on Tuesday talked up steps intended to narrow the wealth gap between Black and white Americans, as he commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre.
Published:6/1/2021 4:04:24 PM
[World] Riding the recovery with stocks

With inflation surging and speculation that the Federal Reserve could soon push up interest rates, ordinary folks saving for long-term goals should consider how resilient equities proved to be during the pandemic and stick with stocks.

Government-ordered shutdowns caused the most dramatic contraction in the U.S. economy since the Great ... Published:6/1/2021 3:33:23 PM

[World] John W. Warner: Sailor, Marine, father, husband leader and friend

John W. Warner passed away last week and he will be sorely missed by his family, his friends and his nation. His name is certainly not a household name, and most Americans will not be likely to notice that he has left this world since most Americans don’t read The ... Published:6/1/2021 2:31:28 PM

[World] NewsWatch: U.S. stocks turn mostly lower as ISM reading underlines bottlenecks U.S. stocks turned mostly lower Tuesday after a reading on U.S. manufacturing activity underlines labor shortages and supply bottlenecks.
Published:6/1/2021 11:01:05 AM
[World] Earnings Outlook: Zoom Video faces true test of pandemic growth Zoom Video Communications Inc. has its work cut out for it as more investors will likely care more about the videoconferencing company's outlook than quarterly results for an apples-to-apples pandemic comparison.
Published:6/1/2021 10:28:44 AM
[World] NewsWatch: Stocks to buy and those to avoid as U.S. economy runs faster than the Indy 500 Our call of the day from strategists at BTIG says the Fed is driving the economy to such high speeds investors need to beware. They have got a shortlist of stocks that could do well.
Published:6/1/2021 8:00:59 AM
[World] Metals Stocks: Gold prices edge higher to kick off June Gold futures edge higher Tuesday, maintaining the momentum that drove the precious metal up 8% last month.
Published:6/1/2021 7:01:05 AM
[World] When You Can't Find Racism Invent it, Fake Hate Crimes Are The New Black Published:6/1/2021 1:27:37 AM
[World] The Half-Monkey Offspring of an Unworthy Elite

A recent vote on chimera experiments is a timely reminder that neither scientists nor Democrats are minimally fit to rule.

The post The Half-Monkey Offspring of an Unworthy Elite appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/31/2021 11:27:11 PM
[World] Will China become the last refuge of Western culture? Published:5/31/2021 8:27:49 PM
[World] Backdoor approach to lower legal BAC limit will upend lives

The Washington Post recently ran an opinion column that supports legislation to require the installation of alcohol detection devices in all new vehicles, based on research that has so far cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Supporters rightfully tout this sophisticated technology intervention for dangerous drivers. However, they are ... Published:5/31/2021 6:00:44 PM

[World] The Black Sisyphus: The folly of critical race theory

Sisyphus, the Greek mythological figure, cheated his own death twice by deceit and trickery. As a result, he was punished and consigned to rolling a boulder up a hill for eternity. The plight of Sisyphus is an allegory for pointless efforts or better said, acts of futility. The promotion of ... Published:5/31/2021 3:31:56 PM

[World] 'Kill Everything White in Sight,' Speaker Tells Crowd at Tulsa Massacre Rally Published:5/31/2021 2:28:28 PM
[World] What's Worth Streaming: Here’s everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2021 'Bosch' is back for its final season, along with Anna Paquin's 'Flack' and a handful of international series
Published:5/31/2021 5:22:17 AM
[World] Putin’s Turkish Nightmare

The revived geopolitical rivalry between Russia and Turkey spells trouble for Putin and his allies.

The post Putin’s Turkish Nightmare appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/30/2021 11:29:56 PM
[World] [David Bernstein] The Saga Continues: Rutgers President Denies Rutgers' Leadership Ever Apologized for Condemning Antisemitism And the Rutgers Hillel publishes a welcome sharp response. Published:5/30/2021 8:30:44 PM
[World] Lizzo's Sizzling Fashion Look Proves Hot Girl Summer Is Right Around the Corner LizzoLess is more... At least, that was Lizzo's most recent style motto when she was spotted enjoying an evening outing at the seafood restaurant Catch LA in West Hollywood, Calif. On...
Published:5/30/2021 6:50:02 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] No Sealing in Ex-Record Exec Charlie Walk's Malpractice Lawsuit vs. Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Kasowitz had negotiated a confidential settlement agreement for Walk with UMG Recordings; but the agreement has now been made public, because the judge order it had to be unsealed for the malpractice lawsuit. Published:5/30/2021 5:27:50 PM
[World] Meet the Future: Drone Hunts Down a Human Without Being Ordered To Published:5/30/2021 4:18:02 PM
[World] Death toll rises in America's cities because of progressives' racist ideas

This past week the Fraternal Order of Police issued a report on the skyrocketing murder rates in urban settings across the United States. The report focused specifically on cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C., which have all experienced exponential increases in homicides compared to the ... Published:5/30/2021 3:00:52 PM

[World] Netanyahu On The Way Out? Israel's Opposition Coalesces Behind Yair Lapid Published:5/30/2021 1:59:56 PM
[World] Hat Shop Apologizes For Selling Yellow 'Not Vaccinated' Stars Published:5/30/2021 12:27:13 PM
[World] Bill Maher Defends Israel, Skewers Liberal Media and Hamas Sympathizers Published:5/30/2021 10:55:07 AM
[World] Event Commemorating Tulsa Race Massacre Canceled After Survivors Demand $1 Million to Appear Published:5/30/2021 9:50:51 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Serial Killer's Contract Lawsuit over Author's Promise to Visit and Call Can Go Forward "[T]he plaintiff could fairly prove that the defendant got what she wanted under the contract and then cut the plaintiff loose." Published:5/30/2021 9:32:21 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] "Judicial Opinions Serve Many Functions, and One of Those Is Journalistic" "Our opinions are dispatches from the edge—moments, recounted for posterity, of how Oregon’s laws ... and the lives of its citizens, intersect." Published:5/30/2021 7:23:57 AM
[World] Memorial Day: Marine Private Jimmy Trimble made the ultimate sacrifice

On Memorial Day we routinely talk about paying tribute to the 1.2 million Americans who “made the ultimate sacrifice.” All too often, though, this phrase remains an abstraction, unrelated to the real people behind the statistic.

This is unfortunate because learning the stories of those who died can be an ... Published:5/29/2021 6:52:19 PM

[World] COVID-19 vaccine status a private affair

A poll from Morning Consult earlier this month found that vaccinated Americans are more afraid than the unvaccinated to eat inside a restaurant, travel outside the United States or go to the gym to work out — an astonishing discovery given that the whole reason for getting ... Published:5/29/2021 5:48:13 PM

[World] [Josh Blackman] The Risks When Law School Deans Go Woke Deans who go woke will alienate conservative donors. Deans who refuse to go woke will alienate progressive faculties and students. Published:5/29/2021 3:43:16 PM
[World] Outside the Box: Police in the U.S. have embraced a flawed model to do their job and a new approach could save lives 'Broken windows' policing raises tensions between police and the communities they are supposed to serve.
Published:5/29/2021 3:09:50 PM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: Another way the pandemic disrupted U.S. employment? More workers are testing positive for marijuana The coronavirus pandemic shook up the U.S. employment picture last year, but one trend persisted: a rising share of workers who test positive for marijuana.
Published:5/29/2021 2:48:22 PM
[World] USPS Promises Slower, More Expensive Delivery of Mail Published:5/29/2021 1:48:12 PM
[World] Obama Did Better: U.S. Economic Growth Will Average 2 Percent or Less For Rest of Decade Published:5/29/2021 12:46:57 PM
[World] The Abraham Accords - The Trump Accomplishment Joe Biden Cannot Reverse With the Stroke of a Pen Published:5/29/2021 11:47:33 AM
[World] Economic Report: Home prices rise at fastest pace since 2005 — here’s where they soared the most Phoenix topped the country with a 20% increase in home prices over the past year.
Published:5/29/2021 11:16:51 AM
[World] Rutgers Chancellor Apologizes For Condemning Anti-Semitic Attacks Published:5/29/2021 10:46:30 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] When Is It Burglary to Break Into a Home You Own, but Aren't Living in? From State v. Crull, decided earlier this month by the Washington Court of Appeals (Judge Anne Cruser, joined by Judge Bernard Veljacic): [Jacee] Crull and Buddy Brock were romantic partners beginning in 1999. In 2007, Crull and Brock purchased a home together where they lived as a family and raised Crull's children. Both Crull and… Published:5/29/2021 7:38:32 AM
[World] After Voting for 16, ‘They’ll None of Them Be Missed’

By supporting lowering the voting age to 16, progressive Democrats, 125 of them, have painted a political target on themselves.

The post After Voting for 16, ‘They’ll None of Them Be Missed’ appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/28/2021 11:04:43 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Guilty Plea for Anti-Semitic Death Threats + Odd Link to Transgender YouTuber The press release was released yesterday by the Justice Department: On May 5, William Alexander, 50, of Anchorage, Alaska, entered a guilty plea … to an indictment charging them with one count of making threatening interstate communications and one count of intentionally obstructing and attempting to obstruct persons in the enjoyment of their free exercise… Published:5/28/2021 9:04:23 PM
[World] Remember our fallen heroes, they believed in us

Over the last year, the great story of our nation has taken quite a few plot twists. Censorship, violent political activism, oppressive restrictions on personal freedoms, deliberate media manipulation, spikes in crime, a campaign of race-based division and more have us fretting about our next chapter.

In times of uncertainty, ... Published:5/28/2021 6:03:44 PM

[World] : After sweetest week since January, meme stocks end on slightly sour note GameStop and AMC tumbled Friday after showing signs of second major short squeeze in less than six months.
Published:5/28/2021 4:33:31 PM
[World] [John Ross] Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions Strolling through Boston Common, flying over Greenland, and driving in Independence. Published:5/28/2021 3:02:20 PM
[World] Expect Biden's tax proposals to collapse

The good news today is that, despite the fears of some, the Biden administration is subject to the laws of entropy, decay, gravity and inertia.

The most striking example of that is the current status of its tax proposals. Those proposals include an increase in the capital gains rate, stepped-up ... Published:5/28/2021 2:02:42 PM

[World] [Josh Blackman] New York is considering adopting ABA Model Rule 8.4(g) I submitted a comment with Professors Volokh and Strossen. Published:5/28/2021 1:31:55 PM
[World] [David Bernstein] Rutgers University Chancellor Christopher J. Molloy Condemns the Rise in Antisemitic Violence; and then Apologizes for Doing So Molloy winds up implicitly endorsing the argument that criticizing antisemitism in the United States is anti-Palestinian Published:5/28/2021 9:32:21 AM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Thursday/Friday Open Thread Better late than never! Published:5/28/2021 9:01:07 AM
[World] One cup a day of this nutritious food reduces the risk of heart disease, according to a study of 50,000 people Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 cause of death around the world, killing nearly 18 million people annually.
Published:5/28/2021 8:30:24 AM
[World] The End-of-History Smart Set

From '60s radicals to pro-war liberals, the West's last literary clique now seems a relic of the 20th century. That isn't such a bad thing.

The post The End-of-History Smart Set appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/27/2021 11:27:59 PM
[World] Kanye West Returns to KUWTK to Help Give Kris Jenner the Most Epic Birthday Gift Kanye West, Kris JennerForget the 2020 Met Gala. Thanks to Kim Kardashian with the help of Kanye West, Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kris Jenner had her very own curated museum gallery experience at the...
Published:5/27/2021 9:30:00 PM
[World] The Metric System, the Infield Fly Rule, and Herd Immunity Published:5/27/2021 4:30:32 PM
[World] iHeartRadio Music Awards 2021 Winners: The Complete List Ariana Grande, Social House, 2019 LollapaloozaHear that? That's the sound of the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards! Usher is hosting this year's star-studded event, which kicks off from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on...
Published:5/27/2021 4:30:32 PM
[World] Banks attacking credit union undermine America's civic sector

One of the more unique characteristics of American society is the size and scope of our civic sector. The French statesman Alexis de Toquiville famously noted in his 1840 magnum opus “Democracy in America,” “where in France you would find the government or in England some territorial magnate, in the ... Published:5/27/2021 3:55:49 PM

[World] [Eugene Volokh] Thursday/Friday Open Thread Better late than never! Published:5/27/2021 3:55:49 PM
[World] Memorial Day: A tale of two generations

A few days ago, I received an invitation to a birthday party for a U.S. Navy veteran turning 100 on June 17. His name is Roy L. McClellan. I met this great American about 15 years ago at a reunion of World War II Navy veterans who served on a class ... Published:5/27/2021 3:05:51 PM

[World] Capitol Whispers: What Happened to Texas' Social Media Censorship Bill? Published:5/27/2021 9:56:12 AM
[World] [David Bernstein] Another Example of Why the New York Times is Not a Trustworthy Source Back in January, I wrote, "I can't say I've ever fully trusted the Times to be accurate, but until recently I generally felt fairly confident that even if a story was slanted in perspective, the facts that were reported were basically accurate. Not anymore." Here's another example, from a story on the recent wave of… Published:5/27/2021 8:25:02 AM
[World] Market Snapshot: Stock futures mostly lower ahead of jobless claims, GDP update Stock-index futures drift lower Thursday as investors await weekly data on jobless claims as well as an updated look at first-quarter gross domestic product and other economic data.
Published:5/27/2021 6:22:47 AM
[World] States' rights to the rescue

In Founding Fathers’ days, it was the Federalists versus the Anti-Federalists. In Joe Biden’s presidential days, it’s the radical environmentalists versus the state treasurers.

And watch and wait: If states stand strong, they'll get the win on this one.

Here’s the background: Biden, over the span of ... Published:5/27/2021 5:52:38 AM

[World] A Sad Fight, But Not Ours

Peace is easy to talk about, but two groups who both want the same land is not a theoretical exercise.

The post A Sad Fight, But Not Ours appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/26/2021 11:21:08 PM
[World] [Mark Movsesian] Goodbye to Doux Commerce Corporate America today doesn't avoid political fights. It seeks them out. Published:5/26/2021 3:48:35 PM
[World] America needs better military leaders

Strong civil-military relations are crucial to national security. If the bond between America's armed forces and its civilian leadership corrodes, it will damage our military effectiveness and readiness.

The key to civil-military relations is mutual respect and understanding. Competent civilian leaders need to understand military matters. They can't outsource their ... Published:5/26/2021 3:21:26 PM

[World] : Snowflake stock drops more than 6% after losses double Snowflake Inc. shares melted a bit in the extended session Wednesday, after the software company revealed that losses are growing at a similar rate to its booming sales totals.
Published:5/26/2021 3:21:25 PM
[World] Sorry, Israel. Biden's America no longer has your back

When former President Trump brokered normalization agreements between four Arab states and Israel last year, it was a historic achievement. Even then presidential candidate Joe Biden said “It is good to see others in the Middle East recognizing Israel and even welcoming it as a partner,” adding “a Biden-Harris administration ... Published:5/26/2021 2:20:10 PM

[World] Media Weep for Palestinians, Ignore Genocide Against Christians in Africa Published:5/26/2021 1:50:46 PM
[World] Market Snapshot: Dow industrials edge up with inflation worries in check and bond yields slipping U.S. stock indexes stage a modest rise early Wednesday, after more remarks by Federal Reserve officials appeared to calm investor worries about building inflation pressure, allowing Treasury yields to slip further.
Published:5/26/2021 8:46:43 AM
[World] [David Bernstein] Democrats Going All in on "All Lives Matter" in Response to Antisemitic Violence Some examples below. The irony is almost painful, but I also wonder who the political genius in Democratic circles is who obviously sent out a memo telling left-wing Democrats to respond to a spate of violent antisemitic attacks in American cities by linking it to Islamophobia (see Warren and Sanders tweets, and there are many… Published:5/26/2021 8:16:16 AM
[World] 'Are You on the Take?' Published:5/25/2021 11:16:13 PM
[World] Big Left Foundations Fund Biased Barely-Legal Voter Programs

Tax-exempt organizations legally obligated to be non-partisan show clear signs of coordination with Democratic megadonors.

The post Big Left Foundations Fund Biased Barely-Legal Voter Programs appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/25/2021 11:16:13 PM
[World] GOP performs sloppy fake-voting burlesque

“No Republicans voted for the bill” was the description NBC News offered in their coverage of the narrowly passed $1.9 billion dollar Democratic “supplemental security bill” which is part of their using the Jan. 6 riot to signal that the American people can’t be trusted. That’s all you’re supposed to ... Published:5/25/2021 6:16:00 PM

[World] [Josh Blackman] Justice Sotomayor Expurgates The Word "Alien" From Justice Marshall Decision This trend towards legal newspeak troubles me. Any language--past or present--that offends some must be canceled. Published:5/25/2021 6:16:00 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] DOJ Releases Redacted OLC Opinion Following Review of the Special Counsel's Report "Accordingly, were there no constitutional barrier, we would recommend, under the Principles of Federal Prosecution, that you decline to commence such a prosecution." Published:5/25/2021 5:42:23 PM
[World] Chip Roy: America's new crisis: Freedom or fracture

Editor’s note: This is one in a series examining the Constitution and Federalist Papers in today’s America. Click HERE to read the series.

‘It has been frequently remarked that it seems to have been reserved to the people of ... Published:5/25/2021 4:13:13 PM

[World] Cryptos: Crypto investor-protection talk heats up but lawmakers hope to allow buyers to ‘dogecoin to their heart’s content’ A recent bout of volatility in the crypto market has helped to reignite a push for increased scrutiny of the nascent digital-asset sector by lawmakers.
Published:5/25/2021 4:13:13 PM
[World] Economic Report: New home sales fall in April as buyers and builders balk at rising construction costs 'The market for new homes has benefitted from a near-record low supply of available resale properties, which is sending prices skyward'
Published:5/25/2021 3:42:21 PM
[World] Joe Biden's purge at the EPA

I was surprised and saddened to learn that the Biden administration decided to terminate all 42 members of the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB). For the first time in SAB’s 42-year history, a new EPA administrator will receive scientific advice only from scientists that they personally appoint. It is a clear ... Published:5/25/2021 2:12:38 PM

[World] Chip Roy: America's new crisis and new choice: Freedom or fracture

Editor’s note: This is one in a series examining the Constitution and Federalist Papers in today’s America. Click HERE to read the series.


“It has been frequently remarked that it seems to have been reserved to the people ... Published:5/25/2021 12:43:27 PM

[World] [Eugene Volokh] "How the Liberal Media Dismissed the Lab-Leak Theory and Smeared Its Supporters" An article by Jonathan Chait (formerly of The New Republic and The American Prospect) in New York magazine. Published:5/25/2021 12:43:27 PM
[World] Key Words: Elizabeth Warren slams Fed’s top bank cop, saying system will be ‘safer’ when he’s gone Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, says she's looking forward to the likely departure of the Federal Reserve's Vice Chairman for Supervision Randal Quarles, saying the financial system will be safer when he's gone.
Published:5/25/2021 11:15:51 AM
[World] Joe Biden, executively ordering America's way to fascism

Joe Biden has just used his presidential perch to order the nation’s companies to obey and abide by strict government regulations tied to environmentalism and climate change. He’s just used his presidential powers to order an end to America’s free markets and with it, Americans’ financial freedoms — and with ... Published:5/25/2021 4:44:47 AM

[World] Economic Report: U.K. trade with the European Union plunges in first quarter after Brexit Trade with the European Union plunged in the first quarter after the U.K. exited the customs bloc, according to data released on Tuesday.
Published:5/25/2021 4:28:51 AM
[World] Go Small and Go Local

In response to corporations that have betrayed the American way of life, conservatives need to commit to shopping and living as close to home as they can.

The post Go Small and Go Local appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:5/24/2021 11:07:43 PM
[World] [WATCH] Boss: Gov. DeSantis Strafe's Reporter's Dumb, Biased Question With Facts Published:5/24/2021 8:37:34 PM
[World] Market Extra: Why demand for Fed’s reverse repo facility is surging again Nearly two months ago, the Federal Reserve's reverse repo program had almost no customers. Now demand for the lending program is back to roughly $400 billion overnight, its highest since June 2017, according to Tradeweb data.
Published:5/24/2021 8:06:00 PM
[World] [Stewart Baker] Dorian Gray's portrait is apparently stored behind the Great Firewall Episode 363 of the Cyberlaw Podcast Published:5/24/2021 6:36:34 PM
[World] Earnings Outlook: Nvidia earnings: Amid gaming-card shortages, focus is on data-center growth Nvidia Corp.'s fortunes for its upcoming earnings report appear to rest on data-center growth, as long-term supply shortages constrain gaming sales more severely.
Published:5/24/2021 6:36:34 PM
[World] A partisan 'armed insurrection' at the U.S. Capitol -- but not what you may think

Finally, a true armed insurrection inside the U.S. Capitol.

An unnamed armed insurgent operating inside the Capitol last week penned a letter on official U.S. Capitol Police letterhead demanding that elected members of Congress vote for a partisan “investigation” into the January 6 riot.

“It is inconceivable that some of ... Published:5/24/2021 5:35:50 PM

[World] The woke mob comes for Lincoln

The Department of Veterans Affairs was born of war.

In the most biblically righteous inaugural address ever delivered by an American president, an exhausted Abraham Lincoln called upon his countrymen to care for those who had taken up arms in defense of the nation — risking their all in battles ... Published:5/24/2021 4:35:00 PM

[World] Cryptos: Dogecoin, bitcoin prices climb as Elon Musk solicits help to improve meme coin, talks sustainability with miners The crypto community has felt whipsawed by prominent technologist Elon Musk and that is not likely to change this week, with the Tesla CEO saying that he's working on two efforts that could be read as bullish in the longer term for dogecoin and bitcoin.
Published:5/24/2021 4:35:00 PM
[World] Facebook Reduced Political Content and Replaced It With Something Even More Diabolical Published:5/24/2021 4:15:12 PM
[World] [WATCH] When the Reporting Gets Tough, We Send in a Marine Published:5/24/2021 3:35:53 PM
[World] Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘Money is inherently emotional’: A post-COVID guide to splurging with ‘enlightened hedonism’ Will Benedetto and his girlfriend have cut down on streaming services to save money. 'We have that thirst to date one another, instead of cohabit with one another,' he said.
Published:5/24/2021 3:35:53 PM
[World] Does the Bill of Rights protect you outside your home?

In late April, the Supreme Court announced it would hear New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Corlett during its next term, which begins in October. With a ruling due by June 2022, it will be the court’s first major Second Amendment decision since 2010 and perhaps its most ... Published:5/24/2021 2:34:03 PM

[World] : One-minute COVID-19 breath test provisionally approved by Singapore A breath test that aims to detect COVID-19 in under one minute has been provisionally approved by Singapore authorities, the National University of Singapore said in a statement on Monday.
Published:5/24/2021 1:05:34 PM
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