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[World] Why D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo should never be eligible for parole

Senate Bill 103 just passed the Virginia Senate without much attention from the public on a vote of 29-10. Now the proposal heads to the House of Delegates and every Virginian should know what it does and try to stop it from becoming law.

Lawmakers claim it is about fairness ... Published:1/28/2020 3:07:31 PM

[World] Steering the criminal justice system toward rehabilitation using First Step Act

Written following his return from 10 years in Siberian exile, Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” follows the story of Rodion Raskolnikov as he grapples with mental anguish after killing a pawnbroker. Dostoevksy struggles with many ethical dilemmas that plague criminal justice, including deep questions about the efficacy of imprisonment and the ... Published:1/28/2020 2:07:47 PM

[World] E-commerce surge sparks questions about reliability of same-store sales metric Experts say there should be a discussion about metrics besides same-store sales now that so much shopping is done online.
Published:1/28/2020 2:07:47 PM
[World] Why Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich Have a Romance Worth Fighting For Julianne Hough, Brooks LaichIn a season of fresh starts and big changes, Brooks Laich seems to have adopted a new raison d'être. Some three weeks after others shared their resolutions for 2020, the retired...
Published:1/28/2020 1:38:09 PM
[World] U.S. national debt projected to rise to $31.4 trillion by 2030: CBO The U.S. federal debt held by the public is expected to rise to $31.4 trillion by the end of 2030, the Congressional Budget Office said in its semi-annual forecast released Tuesday.
Published:1/28/2020 1:07:01 PM
[World] Passing the Coal Hat at the Church of Greta Thunberg

Elites say a fossil fuel tax would save the world. It would only make poor American poorer.

The post Passing the Coal Hat at the Church of Greta Thunberg appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/28/2020 12:09:22 PM
[World] What the new FICO credit score reveals about the precarious state of Americans’ finances Experts say current FICO scoring inflates people’s credit scores.
Published:1/28/2020 6:04:21 AM
[World] Think John Bolton is bad? Beware of Lindsey Graham and Mike Pompeo

Former Trump National Security Adviser John R. Bolton is stabbing the president and the presidency itself in the back by publishing a tell-all book before the November elections.

As much for personal and ideological revenge as for making piles of money, Mr. Bolton chose to relay what he claims President ... Published:1/28/2020 5:04:29 AM

[World] Helicopter crashes like the one that claimed Kobe Bryant are becoming less common — but that could change Some aviation experts and lawmakers say the increased use of helicopters could make it more dangerous to fly.
Published:1/28/2020 5:04:29 AM
[World] Socialists like Bernie Sanders cash in big on ignorance

One of the left's favored ways of pressing forth leftist policies is to convolute, cloud and confuse and to otherwise make unclear its real intentions and true designs — because otherwise, if truths be told, most Americans would flee the Democratic Party and vote Republican. Or Libertarian. Or something other ... Published:1/28/2020 4:04:19 AM

[World] Kobe Bryant, Morgan Wootten, David Stern make a heck of a basketball group in heaven

There's a heck of a basketball team in heaven.

In one month, we've lost former NBA Commissioner David Stern, former DeMatha High School legendary coach Morgan Wootten and NBA Hall of Fame shoo-in Kobe Bryant.

What's more, Kobe's second-born — 13-year-old Gianna, a baller like her dad — was called ... Published:1/27/2020 8:34:28 PM

[World] Another One Bites the Dust of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Author Jeanine Cummins finds out the hard way that she's not Latina enough to write novels about Mexican women.

The post Another One Bites the Dust of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/27/2020 8:34:28 PM
[World] U.S. dollar could be dethroned internationally by digital currency

Why are most internationally traded commodities, like oil, corn and aluminum, priced in U.S. dollars (USD), and why is most foreign trade invoiced in dollars? Why is the USD used as the primary reserve currency by most countries — including non-allies such as China and Russia? The USD is the ... Published:1/27/2020 5:34:23 PM

[World] An open letter to Tom Steyer about his presidential candidacy

Dear Tom,

I’ve been watching your 2020 presidential campaign and it was all seemingly OK and relatively underwhelming until I saw your performance at the last Democratic debate. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for getting into the debate — that had to cost a lot of ... Published:1/27/2020 3:31:56 PM

[World] When paying low-skilled workers high wages fails

Employees of the New York City restaurant Colors received unwelcome news this month. Six weeks after the celebrated grand reopening, the restaurant is closing again following their first collapse in 2017. As New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra once famously observed, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

The restaurant is ... Published:1/27/2020 2:31:15 PM

[World] Economic Outlook: Visa and Mastercard earnings: In with the new as card companies embrace emerging trends The card networks’ ever-evolving business models will be on full display this week.
Published:1/27/2020 1:01:31 PM
[World] Why Conservatives Should Support Expunging Criminal Records

Minor arrests and convictions can taint a person for life. But there is a way to get 'a clean slate.'

The post Why Conservatives Should Support Expunging Criminal Records appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/27/2020 12:30:34 PM
[World] The Fed: Fed starts some tricky communications with financial markets this week The Federal Reserve is going to have to start talking to the market about things investors might not want to hear. This week brings a small example. Bigger communication issues lie ahead
Published:1/27/2020 9:00:36 AM
[World] Changing Chinese consumer patterns make French luxury groups vulnerable to coronavirus fears Shares of the big French luxury houses tanked on Monday on news that the coronavirus from China was spreading
Published:1/27/2020 6:58:56 AM
[World] ‘Clone Wars,’ ‘Toy Story 4’ and everything else coming to Disney+ in February 2020 Disney+ is giving fans another “Star Wars” fix in February — but it may be the last one for a while.
Published:1/26/2020 8:56:48 PM
[World] Trump’s Historic ‘Peace’ is Israel’s Dream Come True

There is not even a symbolic attempt at "fair broker"—Washington is giving the Jewish State everything it's wanted since 1967.

The post Trump’s Historic ‘Peace’ is Israel’s Dream Come True appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/26/2020 7:57:26 PM
[World] Bernie Sanders goes to the movies

The campaign has been going on for months and on a cold night in early February, the winner will finally be selected. There is great discontent with the leading contenders — some deemed too left-wing, some too right-wing, and worst of all in an increasingly ethnically diverse country, all of ... Published:1/26/2020 7:25:26 PM

[World] Cardi B Pops Out of Her Dress at Pre-2020 Grammys Gala and Offset Gets Grabby Cardi B, Offset, Clive Davis Pre-2020 Grammys GalaCardi B and husband Offset got naughty at a pre-2020 Grammys gala on Saturday. The "Money" rapper wore a revealing fuchsia and black sequined dress to Clive Davis and the...
Published:1/26/2020 1:02:42 PM
[World] George Soros, 89, is still on a quest to destroy America

George Soros is 89 years old, but by gosh, before he dies, he's going to see to the internal destruction of America.

At least that's how it seems.

How else can we listen to his words in Davos, Switzerland, track his funding of American political races and pay attention to ... Published:1/25/2020 7:21:03 PM

[World] The New York Post: Inside the horrific, inhumane animal markets behind pandemics like coronavirus The market at the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China sold live animals — including wolf pups, foxes, rats and peacocks, as well as crocodiles, giant salamanders, snakes, porcupines, and camel meat.
Published:1/25/2020 2:50:58 PM
[World] Christianity Today doubles down on condemnation of Trump defenders

On Dec. 14, 2019, Christianity Today published an editorial whereby, then-editor in chief Mark Galli called for the immediate removal of Donald Trump as president of the United States. “Mr. Trump,” declared Mr. Galli, “is a near-perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused.”

Mr. Galli ... Published:1/25/2020 1:20:14 PM

[World] The Moneyist: My mother’s boyfriend, 75, made sexual comments to my 11-year-old daughter. My mom says that’s just the way men are — what should I do? ‘My father gave me half of the ownership of the house when he died. If I ask her to leave and buy her out, she would be homeless or stuck at a retirement home.’
Published:1/25/2020 9:56:30 AM
[World] Rex Nutting: Who knows more about economics: Steven Mnuchin or Greta Thunberg? A guy who still insists that the 2017 tax cut ‘will pay for itself’ should not be lecturing anyone — even a 17-year-old —about economics.
Published:1/25/2020 8:48:25 AM
[World] The Moneyist: My father, 93, married 4 years ago. He didn’t make a will and has dementia — my stepmother says she now owns everything ‘She has included her friends, not us, in helping her with decisions made about Dad. I’m lost and don’t know what to do.’
Published:1/25/2020 7:47:11 AM
[World] Feel Good Friday: This Week's Stories That Will Melt Your Heart BlakelyTGIFGF: Thank God It's Feel Good Friday! We made it to the weekend, friends, and why not head into it with a smile on your face, checking out six stories that are sure to make you...
Published:1/24/2020 5:13:48 PM
[World] Why Trump deal with China is good for free trade

President Trump’s Phase One trade deal may save the World Trade Organization from breakdown and takes international commerce to a better place in a world divided between democratic market and autocratic state-directed economies.

Free trade is a simple but compelling idea — at least at universities, where students are taught ... Published:1/24/2020 2:13:55 PM

[World] House impeachment prosecutors will make final push in Trump's Senate trial

House managers prosecuting Trump's impeachment made their final push after three days of precise, scathing but often repetitive opening arguments.

Published:1/24/2020 11:13:18 AM
[World] Trump Today: Trump bemoans ‘Death Valley’ TV time slot for his defense team President Donald Trump complained Friday about the timing of his legal team’s defense in his impeachment trial, saying it will occupy time during TV’s “Death Valley” on Saturday.
Published:1/24/2020 10:13:57 AM
[World] Far from the Australian Open, here’s what it’s like to play in pro tennis tournaments where even the champions don’t break even MarketWatch spent time with the No. 1,700-ranked man in tennis to get an inside look at tennis’ minor leagues.
Published:1/24/2020 9:11:13 AM
[World] 'Orange County, Iowa': Irvine Rep. Katie Porter is using her rural bona fides to sell Elizabeth Warren

Rep. Katie Porter of Irvine is one of Elizabeth Warren's most forceful supporters, drawing on her Iowa upbringing and personal bond with the senator to make the case.

Published:1/24/2020 7:12:02 AM
[World] Brett Arends's ROI: ‘Kids that don’t fail are normally frugal.' Wealth advisers say Meghan and Harry’s lifestyle already raises red flags Early money moves by the royal couple look troubling.
Published:1/24/2020 4:48:14 AM
[World] Dow Jones Newswires: Marston’s warns on higher pub costs and beer volumes The British chain said that costs are expected to increase by around 2 million pounds to 3 million pounds ($2.6 million-$3.9 million) due to a recently announced 6.2% rise in the U.K.’s national minimum wage, which the company said is higher than expected.
Published:1/24/2020 2:41:30 AM
[World] Dow Jones Newswires: Saint-Gobain: U.S. affiliate files for Chapter 11 to resolve asbestos liabilities Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA said late Thursday that its U.S. affiliate DBMP LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in an effort to resolve its liabilities related to asbestos claims
Published:1/24/2020 12:40:58 AM
[World] Education by ZIP code

The ZIP code of a child should not determine where that child attends school. Should it?

It only takes a few clicks of a computer or laptop mouse to determine where a school applicant lives.

If she lives in, say, South Central Los Angeles, the cultural home of the violent ... Published:1/23/2020 10:09:17 PM

[World] How Washington Is Ramming REAL ID Down Our Throats

For years both conservative and liberal states resisted it. But now it's here and the punishments for non-compliance begin.

The post How Washington Is Ramming REAL ID Down Our Throats appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/23/2020 9:09:23 PM
[World] Taylor Swift Debuts New Look at Sundance Film Festival Premiere of Miss Americana Taylor Swift, Sundance celebrity sightingsThere's nothing like this: Taylor Swift has arrived to the Sundance Film Festival! The "Lover" singer stepped out ahead the premiere of her Netflix documentary, Miss...
Published:1/23/2020 8:40:43 PM
[World] Impeachment Super Bowl: So Far Trump 2, Dems 0

The case against Trump isn't nonexistent, but after two days of prime time airing, it is ultimately unpersuasive.

The post Impeachment Super Bowl: So Far Trump 2, Dems 0 appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/23/2020 8:40:43 PM
[World] Prince Harry spares impeachment show trial

Any way you look at it, the American idea that free men should and can govern themselves has hit a bit of a rough patch lately.

Half the country looks at President Trump and sees an orange monster out to destroy the world and run the country into the sewer. ... Published:1/23/2020 7:07:52 PM

[World] MarketWatch First Take: Intel enjoys big rebound in cloud, but the future is still hazy Intel Corp. wrapped up a rocky 2019 by reporting record sales thanks to a big jump in sales of chips for data centers and cloud computing, but that rebound may just be temporary.
Published:1/23/2020 7:07:52 PM
[World] Impeachment, according to the Founding Fathers

When the impeachment process was first raised at the 1787 convention in Philadelphia, it led to a furious argument among the delegates.

“One of the most hotly debated clauses in the Constitution deals with the removal of federal government officials,” writes Scott Bomboy, the editor in chief of the National ... Published:1/23/2020 6:08:14 PM

[World] Violence and inhumanity of abortion requires that we speak out

Hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates — including an extraordinarily large number of students — are marching for life in Washington on Jan. 23 to defend the weakest and most vulnerable from deadly assault.

Tragically, since the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 eviscerated legal protection for unborn children, more than ... Published:1/23/2020 4:11:45 PM

[World] Techniques and joys of sous vide cooking

Nestled among a grove of trees in Sterling, Virginia, the building appears to be a high-tech center. In fact, it is the headquarters and manufacturing facility of Cuisine Solutions, originally founded in 1974 as Vie de France, now the world’s leader in sous vide cookery. (The company also has  manufacturing ... Published:1/23/2020 2:07:29 PM

[World] Earnings Outlook: McDonald’s earnings preview: Chick-fil-A is the fast-food giant’s biggest competition in the U.S. McDonald’s is scheduled to announce earnings on Jan. 29.
Published:1/23/2020 2:07:28 PM
[World] How to Truly Take Down the Monopoly Man

On these pages we've tackled economic concentration in tech, pharma, beer and more. So what's being done about it?

The post How to Truly Take Down the Monopoly Man appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/23/2020 12:36:15 PM
[World] The Moneyist: ‘It’s sad that people are so greedy.’ My sister persuaded my father to sell his home and leave her everything — can I fight this? ‘She talked my father into rewriting his living trust so that I and my other sister received $1 each.’
Published:1/23/2020 12:36:15 PM
[World] Here's Exactly How Gwyneth Paltrow's Controversial Vagina Candle Came to Be Gwyneth Paltrow, Late Night, Seth MeyersGwyneth Paltrow's vagina candle is still the only thing people can talk about. On Wednesday, the Goop founder set the record straight on the brand's "This Smells Like My...
Published:1/23/2020 10:05:33 AM
[World] Key Words: Tesla will mark the beginning of the end for this bull market, warns Ralph Nader Tesla shares — unsafe at any speed? Apparently so, according to the consumer advocate and former presidential candidate, who issued a stark warning this week, not only on the pricey stock, but on the market as a whole.
Published:1/23/2020 10:05:33 AM
[World] Meet The Masked Singer Season 3 Contestants (Revealed So Far) The Masked Singer Season 3The countdown is on to the crossover pop culture event of 2020 airing on Sunday, Feb. 2. No, not the Super Bowl, although, yeah, it's cool and all, but The Masked Singer season three premiere...
Published:1/23/2020 9:35:16 AM
[World] Outside the Box: You’ve been a good saver. Can you transform yourself into a happy spender? 5 ways to help you spend your retirement savings — wisely.
Published:1/23/2020 9:35:16 AM
[World] : Texas Instruments stock slips as earnings and outlook barely clear a low bar Texas Instruments Inc. shares slipped in the extended session Wednesday after the chip maker tops reduced estimates from Wall Street and forecasts a first-quarter range that bookends consensus estimates.
Published:1/23/2020 6:34:37 AM
[World] Joe Biden shines spotlight on left's insane love for illegal immigrants

Joe Biden, the guy who quite a few Democrats want to see as the next president of the United States, said he'd go after Immigration and Customs Enforcement for daring to deport illegals arrested for drunken driving.

This is all that's wrong with Democrats, wrapped in a big old Joe ... Published:1/23/2020 4:04:41 AM

[World] NerdWallet: Don’t get caught by surprise by this deadline if you’re paying off student loans If you’re using an income-driven repayment plan, you must recertify your personal information annually.
Published:1/23/2020 4:04:41 AM
[World] Bankruptcy Could Help Millions Struggling Under Student Debt

In 2005, Congress took this one possible life raft away. Why?

The post Bankruptcy Could Help Millions Struggling Under Student Debt appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/22/2020 9:32:42 PM
[World] Liberal media feel justified in treating President Trump with disdain

The news media of the late 1700s and early 1800s consisted almost entirely of partisan political operations. Historian Ron Chernow writes that newspapers of that time period “were avowedly partisan and made no pretense of objectivity. It was a golden age for wielding words as rapier-sharp political weapons.” 

Some two ... Published:1/22/2020 4:02:30 PM

[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'The New Class War'

In what well may be an understatement, Professor Sean Wilentz characterizes Michael Lind as “One of those wonderfully unpredictable writers who does not allow his allegiances to overrule his ideas.”

In his late 20s, armed with degrees from the University of Texas and Yale, Mr. Lind landed every young conservative’s ... Published:1/22/2020 3:02:24 PM

[World] Key Words: Alphabet CEO Pichai is betting on outside investors to help power ‘other bets’ The continued emphasis on “other bets” offers a window into Pichai’s thinking as Alphabet moves into its next phase of growth to maintain its newly attained status as a $1 trillion company in market value.
Published:1/22/2020 2:31:01 PM
[World] Neil McCaffrey and the Conservative Book Club

He was a man of letters who pondered Catholicism, criticized neoconservatism, and traded a barb or two with friend Bill Buckley.

The post Neil McCaffrey and the Conservative Book Club appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/22/2020 12:32:11 PM
[World] Key Words: Head of U.S.’ largest bank says central banks are fueling a sovereign debt bubble, negative-rates won’t ‘end well’ J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon says negative interest rates in Europe and Japan are his top concern and warns that the U.S.government is to blame for slow economic growth
Published:1/22/2020 9:30:12 AM
[World] NewsWatch: Why one stock-market bull says he’s taking the ‘offense off the field’ Tony Dwyer, a longtime bull and strategist at brokerage Canaccord Genuity, is getting a little nervous and said it is time “to take offense temporarily off the field.”
Published:1/22/2020 8:02:07 AM
[World] Women's March shrinks to a mere 10K Trump haters who can't acknowledge the president's successes

You might have missed news of the 2020 manifestation of the so-called Women's March, the anti-Trump mob masquerading as a women's rights effort. Launched in 2017 after President Trump's win for the presidency and the second abject failure of Hillary Clinton's run for the office, you didn't hear much about ... Published:1/22/2020 7:04:07 AM

[World] TaxWatch: ‘Millions of taxpayers are leaving millions of dollars off their tax returns.’ Why Americans repeatedly overlook this lucrative tax credit This credit prevents millions from slipping into poverty, yet a new study finds many people are not aware of its existence.
Published:1/22/2020 5:00:21 AM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: Bezos phone was hacked after Saudi crown prince sent video, U.N. report expected to say Cybersecurity experts hired by Inc. founder Jeff Bezos have alleged that his phone was probably hacked in 2018 by a WhatsApp account associated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Published:1/22/2020 4:28:41 AM
[World] Next Avenue: Are probiotics a waste of money? A physician and naturopath weigh in about these supplements — a $43 billion industry.
Published:1/22/2020 4:00:49 AM
[World] Dow Jones Newswires: Pets at Home delivered strong same-store revenue growth over Christmas Pets at Home Group PLC said Wednesday that it had a record-breaking Christmas with like-for-like revenue growth of 7.2% over the 12-week period.
Published:1/22/2020 1:58:21 AM
[World] Lazy Reporters Parrot Democrats’ Talking Points on Impeachment

Forget the Beltway filter: better to watch and learn from the hearings themselves.

The post Lazy Reporters Parrot Democrats’ Talking Points on Impeachment appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/21/2020 9:27:21 PM
[World] Pathological liar Elizabeth Warren thinks presidential candidates should tell truth

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a liar.

The Massachusetts Democrat lied about being an American Indian, lied when she promised to serve her full Senate term if reelected in 2018, lied when she said her children attended public schools, lied when she said her father worked as a janitor, lied when ... Published:1/21/2020 6:32:15 PM

[World] Adam Schiff lectures Senate on Donald Trump impeachment

There is no amount of hyperventilating, hyperbole and flat-out lying that can paper over the disastrous case that House Democrats have asked the Senate to try in their effort to impeach President Trump.

Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat and one of the chief architects of the fatally flawed case, did ... Published:1/21/2020 4:54:18 PM

[World] The future of the America First movement beyond Trump

President Donald J. Trump is arguably the most popular Republican leader since at least President Ronald Reagan. The grueling fights he has endured against the Democratic Party, fake news media, deep state, Hollywood celebrities and other cultural cancers have strengthened his bonds with conservatives who see him as the champion ... Published:1/21/2020 3:58:01 PM

[World] The Constitution demands the chief justice not cast any tie-breaking vote in the Senate

As the impeachment trial of the president begins, fidelity to the U.S. Constitution demands the chief justice decline any invitation or inclination to break a tie vote should one occur; not only does the Constitution not grant him such power but, in fact, the Constitution grants that exclusive power and ... Published:1/21/2020 2:53:43 PM

[World] How the mysterious coronavirus from China has spread so quickly A U .S. citizen recently returned from central China has been diagnosed with the new virus, the CDC announced Tuesday.
Published:1/21/2020 2:53:42 PM
[World] A look back at Joseph Wambaugh's 'The Onion Field'

Joseph Wambaugh, a former LAPD detective sergeant and the author of classic police novels such as “The New Centurions,” “The Blue Knight” and “The Choir Boys,” turns 83 on Jan. 22.

Mr. Wambaugh has also written classic true crime books such as “Echoes in the Darkness” and “The Blooding,” but ... Published:1/21/2020 1:53:55 PM

[World] Why is Hillary Clinton attacking Bernie Sanders now?

George Santayana was right. Because nobody has learned anything in the past three years, we are doomed to repeat the 2016 election over and over again.

Today’s edition of this never-ending saga involves Hillary Clinton attacking Sen. Bernie Sanders, her old primary rival and one of the leading candidates to ... Published:1/21/2020 1:06:41 PM

[World] NYT’s Lukewarm, Wrong, and Ultimately Useless Endorsements

They've selected a moderate who isn't quite moderate and a progressive who isn't quite progressive. Convenient.

The post <i>NYT’s</i> Lukewarm, Wrong, and Ultimately Useless Endorsements appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/21/2020 12:25:00 PM
[World] Democrats on impeachment are like cornered animals poised for a fight

Since day one — since before even being inaugurated — President Trump has been subjected to partisan calls for his removal from office. And while here at last, the adults, by way of Republican senators, have entered the room, with a seeming seamless game plan to put a stop to ... Published:1/21/2020 6:37:00 AM

[World] Oklahoma points the way to better quality of life

I was trying to determine the other day when U.S. Census takers might be in the D.C. region for the centennial head count.

However, as occasionally happens when searching Google, a startling headline grabbed my attention after I entered the words "census facts" and clicked on a website. "Census estimates ... Published:1/20/2020 9:21:13 PM

[World] The Last Days of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu

Their rise and fall in communist Romania shows how corruptible, misguided, and brutal the socialist dream became.

The post The Last Days of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/20/2020 8:51:41 PM
[World] Repealing both Iraq War authorizations is needed to rein in presidents

Over time, Congress has ceded its war power to the commander-in-chief. As a result, modern presidents now assert broad unilateral authority in this area.

There are many reasons for this shift in power, not the least of which is Congress's inconsistent use of its oversight powers or, more broadly, lawmakers' ... Published:1/20/2020 7:48:58 PM

[World] When the IRS acts as both tax preparer and collector

Tax Day 2020 preparations are already underway as taxpayers are beginning to receive tax filing documents online and in the mail. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TJCA) has both reduced the amount being paid and made filing easier for tens of millions of Americans.  It is estimated ... Published:1/20/2020 4:26:03 PM

[World] The people of Taiwan have a country and are dedicated to keeping it

In the ’70s, many were confused as to the proper name for the capital of Communist China. The city we now know as Beijing had been variously known in the West as Peiping, Peking and finally Beijing. 

As the new pronunciation spread, there was some question as to how the ... Published:1/20/2020 3:20:01 PM

[World] Sacrificing public and private health insurance for 'Medicare for All'

A majority of House Democrats are co-sponsoring legislation (H.R.1384) to outlaw virtually all Americans’ public and private health insurance and replace their coverage with a new government plan. In the Senate, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s “Medicare for All” bill (S. 1129) would accomplish the same objective.

Americans must fully grasp the ... Published:1/20/2020 2:18:14 PM

[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'America's Expiration Date'

For nearly five decades, Cal Thomas has pursued a varied and successful career in journalism. A widely syndicated columnist, his columns regularly appear in newspapers across the country, including The Washington Times. A veteran of radio, he has worked as a TV reporter and anchor for KPRC-TV in Houston, NBC ... Published:1/20/2020 1:18:45 PM

[World] House impeachment will be a 'permanent stain' on Democrats' legacy

The contrast could not have been starker. One picture showed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi smiling as she signed (with numerous pens) two articles of impeachment against President Trump. She passed out the pens like souvenirs to fellow Democrats. They were embossed in gold with her signature and rested on silver ... Published:1/20/2020 12:19:45 PM

[World] TAC Bookshelf: Ross Douthat’s Decadence

Here's what our writers and editors are reading this week.

The post TAC Bookshelf: Ross Douthat’s Decadence appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/20/2020 12:19:45 PM
[World] Europe Markets: Softer start to the week for European stocks after hitting record levels European stocks are trading softer to start the week, with a holiday in the U.S. likely to keep the action muted for Monday.
Published:1/20/2020 4:19:06 AM
[World] Unseen millions March for Life

This week pro-life champions from around the nation have gathered in Washington to commemorate the 1973 deadly Supreme Court decisions that legalized the slaughter of babies in the United States.

These warriors work day after day to change laws, educate about what abortion looks like, and offer help to women ... Published:1/19/2020 9:14:43 PM

[World] With Democrats Imploding, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like 2004

But given Bush's travails, what would a second term for Trump truly look like?

The post With Democrats Imploding, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like 2004 appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/19/2020 8:19:05 PM
[World] The Covington Kids’ Revenge, One Year Later

The mob did not get away with defaming Nick Sandmann. In fact, people victimized by the media's new normal are now fighting back.

The post The Covington Kids’ Revenge, One Year Later appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/19/2020 7:45:41 PM
[World] Michael Bloomberg's wrong answer to income inequality

Inequality and economic growth have been central themes in national elections since John Kennedy’s campaign.  

The Clintons, Barack Obama and the latest crop headed by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg want to give us freer access to health care, higher education (and debt forgiveness), child ... Published:1/19/2020 2:12:52 PM

[World] President can not initiate a war without congressional approval

America’s latest round of hostilities with Iran has sparked a renewed debate about the limits of executive power in war and foreign policy, and in so doing has exposed a dangerous philosophy on the neoconservative right: the notion that the president can initiate a war without congressional approval.

And not ... Published:1/19/2020 12:43:46 PM

[World] Democrats take stage, wave bye-bye

When House Democratic managers tromp to the Senate Wednesday to caterwaul their contempt for President Trump, saddened onlookers will wonder this: Where's the Democratic Party we once knew, and to which some of us once belonged?

It certainly wasn't among the unbroken ranks of Democrats scathing the president for terminating ... Published:1/19/2020 7:14:37 AM

[World] Christian persecution on rise: North Korea, Muslims to blame

Once again, Open Doors, the nonprofit that tracks and reports religious persecution around the world, finds in its 2020 World Watch List that it's increasingly dangerous — fatal, in many instances — to claim Christianity as a faith, particularly in North Korea and in Muslim-dominated countries.

Once again, of the ... Published:1/18/2020 6:09:45 PM

[World] The Moneyist: My stepfather wants to move his new wife into my late mother’s house: Can I ‘kick her out’ after he dies? ‘Does she have any right to the house?’
Published:1/18/2020 2:36:43 PM
[World] Vitaliy Katsenelson's Contrarian Edge: Stock investors in 2020 should be careful about partying like it’s 1999 U.S. market nowadays increasingly resembles the dot-com bubble, writes Vitaliy Katsenelson.
Published:1/18/2020 2:05:49 PM
[World] Trump rejects the fake separation between Iran and its militias

In the days following the targeted killing of Iranian Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani, a pro-Hezbollah tabloid in Lebanon featured on its front cover a full-page picture of the collapsed U.S. Marine barracks, which a Hezbollah suicide bomber had turned to rubble in October 1983. The message was hardly subtle. 

Published:1/18/2020 12:07:34 PM
[World] Market Snapshot: Stock-market momentum is driving Wall Street to uncharted territory — and that’s making even ‘irrationally bullish’ investors nervous Where is this stock market head in the coming days and weeks? That is the trillion-dollar question some nervous strategists, analysts and traders are wrestling with, following a relatively brisk rally for equities to kick off 2020.
Published:1/18/2020 8:38:50 AM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: Best Buy board opens an investigation into CEO’s personal conduct The board of Best Buy Co.  is investigating allegations that Chief Executive Corie Barry had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a fellow executive, who has since left the electronics retailer.
Published:1/17/2020 5:35:13 PM
[World] It's official. Democrats have lost their ever-lovin' minds

If the week’s news in review proves one thing, it is this. The Democratic Party, and its proxies in the mainstream media, have lost their ever-lovin’ minds. 

Consider this. 

On Thursday, the “bombshell” testimony of Lev Parnas proved to be little more than a Dollar General plastic popgun. Mr. Parnas ... Published:1/17/2020 5:01:05 PM

[World] Subscribers, apply to contribute to live coverage of a Democratic debate

The Los Angeles Times invites subscribers to apply to participate in live coverage of a Democratic primary debate.

Published:1/17/2020 4:32:01 PM
[World] Personal Finance Daily: The world’s ‘happiest country’ also has one of the highest suicide rates — economists have a theory why, and how to go back in time and cash in on 2018 tax breaks before it’s too late Friday’s top personal finance stories
Published:1/17/2020 3:23:34 PM
[World] The Tell: Stock market is “eerily reminiscent of January 2018” when stocks suffered rapid correction, technical analyst says Make no mistake, this market move is not normal, and is not something which should be able to continue technically into and through February without a major hiccup, according to technical analyst Mark Newton
Published:1/17/2020 2:00:13 PM
[World] How Did the 2020 Oscars End Up the Year of Edgy Men?

Despite all of the pressure to be 'woke,' the top movies are a ratification of Scorsese's storytelling and the last laugh of 'Joker.'

The post How Did the 2020 Oscars End Up the Year of Edgy Men? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/17/2020 12:31:15 PM
[World] To stop Trump fracking plans, California is going to court

Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra announced a lawsuit to limit the Trump administration's new oil fracking efforts on federal lands inside California.

Published:1/17/2020 12:31:15 PM
[World] Economic Report: Consumer sentiment index slips to 99.1 in January The University of Michigan reveals the preliminary reading for its consumer sentiment index in January.
Published:1/17/2020 9:28:43 AM
[World] Need to Know: From a U.S. stock surge to a bursting of China’s triple bubble, here are 10 possible shockers for 2020, according to Credit Suisse The Credit Suisse global strategy team’s annual surprise predictions include a surge in U.S. stocks and a bursting of the Chinese bubble.
Published:1/17/2020 6:28:20 AM
[World] Europe Markets: European stocks aim at fresh record on China data and Wall Street’s optimism European stocks were poised to hit fresh records on Friday, inspired by upbeat China economic data and continued optimism over recent U.S. trade deals.
Published:1/17/2020 4:28:11 AM
[World] U.S. hostages of Iran embassy takeover deserve compensation

In the early days of what became a 30-year government career, I was enrolled in a training class during which CIA officer Bill Daugherty recounted the ordeal of being one of the 52 American citizens held hostage for 444 days in Iran starting in November 1979. Mr. Daugherty and his ... Published:1/16/2020 9:58:49 PM

[World] Media Skewers ‘Sexist’ Sanders for Refusing to Bend the Knee

By desperately wielding the sword of victimhood, Elizabeth Warren insults, not empowers her sex.

The post Media Skewers ‘Sexist’ Sanders for Refusing to Bend the Knee appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/16/2020 9:06:47 PM
[World] The Trump Administration’s Crude Warsaw Pact-Like Approach to Iraq

The U.S. has occasionally exerted pressure on democratic allies, but never treated them like servile pawns. Until now.

The post The Trump Administration’s Crude Warsaw Pact-Like Approach to Iraq appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/16/2020 8:32:11 PM
[World] Another dud in the string of bombshells

You have to pity the bombshell-shocked American citizen trying to take seriously all the "shocking," "stunning" and "bombshell" news coming out of Washington these days.

It is a little maddening — though mostly amusing — watching Rachel Maddow and the breathless news wags on MSNBC and CNN contorting themselves during ... Published:1/16/2020 7:01:32 PM

[World] Explaining why Joe Biden's candidacy endures

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the leading choice of 48 percent of all black voters seeking to defeat President Trump in the 2000 election.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders comes in second at 20 percent among African-American voters, according to a national Washington Post-Ipsos poll.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is ... Published:1/16/2020 5:55:55 PM

[World] Today's hot topics on #TEMS: Hear ye, hear ye, Impeachapalooza draws near, and more! Published:1/16/2020 2:54:15 PM
[World] Hey liberal snowflakes, you don't know how good you've got it protesting in America

Over last few weeks and months, we’ve witnessed the rise of multiple major protests around the globe.

In Hong Kong, protesters marched in the streets to stop the oppressive Chinese government from squashing their democracy and freedom by extraditing them to the mainland — and a few thousand miles away, ... Published:1/16/2020 2:54:14 PM

[World] Abandoning Broken-Windows Policing, de Blasio Invites Disaster

The New York City mayor has squandered the inheritance of his predecessors and watched crime go up.

The post Abandoning Broken-Windows Policing, de Blasio Invites Disaster appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/16/2020 12:23:57 PM
[World] London IPOs fall to decade-low in year of geopolitical uncertainty London IPOs fell to a decade-low last year due to geopolitical uncertainty but the first half of 2020 could see an uplift in listings, according to consultancy firm EY.
Published:1/16/2020 11:13:12 AM
[World] ATR Signs Coalition Letter Urging the SEC to Pause the CAT Published:1/16/2020 10:23:49 AM
[World] Outside the Box: Five big changes coming to health care in 2020 Transparent pricing, digital disrupters and more are changing medicine.
Published:1/16/2020 9:23:34 AM
[World] Charles Schwab to buy KKR? That is just one of 10 ‘outrageous’ predictions for 2020 Antoine Dréan, chairman of private-equity advisory Triago, has published his 10 ‘outrageous’ predictions for 2020.
Published:1/16/2020 8:01:00 AM
[World] London Markets: Glaxo downgrade weighs on FTSE 100 A downgrade of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline weighed on the U.K. top stock market index on Thursday.
Published:1/16/2020 6:15:11 AM
[World] Women Suffer as Sports Race to Be Trans Inclusive

From high school to the olympics, rules are changing and male-bodied athletes are starting to dominate female sports.

The post Women Suffer as Sports Race to Be Trans Inclusive appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/16/2020 5:22:16 AM
[World] Socialists are coming for your children

Socialists are coming for your school-age children — and that's no hyperbole.

In a post on its website, the Democratic Socialists of America writes, "Why Socialists Should Become Teachers."

And from there, the DSA of West Virginia explains how the success of a socialists'-led teachers' strike in that ... Published:1/16/2020 4:53:17 AM

[World] Dow Jones Newswires: Beiersdorf sales rise and guidance backed The maker of Nivea skin cream said sales for the period were 7.65 billion euros ($8.52 billion) compared with EUR7.23 billion in the previous-year period.
Published:1/16/2020 1:00:32 AM
[World] Can Men Be Denied Their ‘Reproductive Rights’?

A new HIV+ sperm bank in New Zealand raises compelling questions.

The post Can Men Be Denied Their ‘Reproductive Rights’? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/15/2020 9:19:50 PM
[World] FDA botches rollout of 21 tobacco age

One of the last things Congress did before leaving town at the end of last year was to pass a spending bill that included language that raised the legal age of purchasing tobacco products to 21, also known as Tobacco 21.

While many will argue the pros and cons of ... Published:1/15/2020 6:22:38 PM

[World] The future for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is unclear, including tax obligations

The explosive controversy over Prince Harry and his wife, the former Meghan Markle, should make everyone glad that the queen hasn’t abdicated the throne for what passes as the next generation of royals.

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been steadfast in her commitment to duty and service above ... Published:1/15/2020 4:48:48 PM

[World] Market Extra: The Dow just closed above 29,000 for first time in a brisk 40 trading days The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Wednesday closes at the psychologically significant 29,000 milestone, marking the first finish at or above that level for the blue-chip benchmark.
Published:1/15/2020 3:26:10 PM
[World] Allow the military to carry personal firearms on military bases

On Jan. 13, Attorney General William Barr announced that the Dec. 6 attack on the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida was an act of terrorism.

The attack was carried out by a member of the Royal Saudi Air Force who was assigned to the base for pilot training. Motivated ... Published:1/15/2020 2:18:22 PM

[World] Key Words: Gwyneth Paltrow wishes she’d known more about accounting when she started Goop Gwyneth Paltrow spoke with Ellevest Chief Executive Sallie Krawcheck about the launch of her business Goop.
Published:1/15/2020 1:19:19 PM
[World] Stop Digging Through T.S. Eliot’s Laundry

A recently revealed statement has revived the debate over whether we should let artists' personal lives affect our reading of their work.

The post Stop Digging Through T.S. Eliot’s Laundry appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/15/2020 12:17:49 PM
[World] Economic Report: PPI shows tepid increase in U.S. wholesale inflation at the end of 2019 The wholesale cost of U.S. goods and services barely rose in December, suggesting there was little inflation building up in the economy at the end of 2019. Wholesale inflation rose just 1.3% last year — half as much as it did in 2018.
Published:1/15/2020 7:46:53 AM
[World] Prince William and Kate Middleton Put On a United Front In First Appearance Since Royal Bombshell Prince William, Kate MiddletonThe show must go on. On Wednesday, Prince William and Kate Middleton made their first public appearance since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they are stepping back from their...
Published:1/15/2020 7:25:10 AM
[World] Legislating failure and chaos with bail reform in New York

While the nation has been distracted by the actions of Democrats in Washington as they continue to try to remove a duly-elected president from his office, that same political party continues to put its stamp of chaos on the city and state of New York.

Let this sink in: Thousands ... Published:1/15/2020 4:16:37 AM

[World] Europe Markets: European stocks struggle amid renewed U.S.-China trade concerns European stocks struggle to get a foothold on Wednesday, as investors look to the potential for renewed trade tensions between the U.S. and China.
Published:1/15/2020 4:16:37 AM
[World] Ike’s Military-Industrial Complex, Six Decades Later

As Eisenhower predicted, there is no balance left, as U.S. policy is reduced to who we threaten, bomb, or occupy.

The post Ike’s Military-Industrial Complex, Six Decades Later appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/14/2020 9:14:38 PM
[World] The Final Debate Drunkblog Before the Voting Begins We need to indulge in a little TV nostalgia before tonight's big show begins. Cheers was a huge hit for NBC in the 1980s, mostly because of seriously sharp writing, but also because of the will-they/won't-they chemistry between Sam & Diane. Every Thursday night, millions tuned in to see if this would be the week they finally stopped fighting and started... well, you know. After that, NBC execs were forever on the lookout for the next Sam & Diane. The order went out to all their showrunners: "Give us the next Sam & Diane!" My favorite response to the call came in the mid-'90s on the all-too-shortlived Newsradio. The producers had the perfect setup for the next Sam & Diane with Dave & Lisa, who were young, attractive, and the actors (Dave Foley and Maura Tierney) had terrific chemistry. But the producers of Newsradio were more than a bit subversive, and instead of drawing out the tension for years, Sam & Diane-style, had Dave & Lisa getting it on (off-screen, of course) in the first or second episode. The reason I bring this up is that the media seems to think that Liz & Bernie could be the next Sam & Diane. Except, instead of romantic fireworks, they're hoping for a long-awaited political slugfest between two feisty rivals who haven't done much more than tease audiences for months now. That's the smoke. But the fire should aimed at Joe Biden, whose commanding lead with black primary voters makes him the odds-on favorite to win the nomination. So Bernie doesn't think a woman can win, and Liz is mad that he's undermining her -- but so what? Unless somebody can knock Joe down a peg or two, instead of winning their party's nomination, Liz & Bernie will be fighting over the scraps of who might get to be Secretary of the Department of Stuff Biden Wouldn't Even Do When He Was Veep. And even that's on the unlikely assumption that Biden could actually beat Trump. Anyway, that's my pre-debate take. The real debate drunkblog begins in five... four... three... know the rest. Published:1/14/2020 8:13:18 PM
[World] Robert De Niro doesn't know how the Constitution works

Actor Robert De Niro, in case you didn't know, is also a constitutional scholar.

The "Goodfellas" star thinks President Trump will flout the Constitution because he will "likely start a war" in order to stay in the White House for 12 years.

"He's going to be history at one point, ... Published:1/14/2020 7:29:44 PM

[World] New York's baseless investigation into ExxonMobil

Energy companies have long been in the crosshairs of headline-hunting politicians looking to collect scalps in the name of climate change. But the scope of allegations and meandering arguments presented by New York’s attorney general highly publicized lawsuit, the People of the State of New York v. Exxon Mobil Corp., ... Published:1/14/2020 3:14:34 PM

[World] Cryptos: Bitcoin prices are kicking off 2020 just like they ended 2019 — outperforming the stock market Bitcoin’s price surged nearly 98% in 2019, as measured by futures traded on the CME Group Inc. and is up 23% so far this year. Here’s why.
Published:1/14/2020 2:42:32 PM
[World] Trump's Caesar Act honors Syrian photographer who proved Assad regime's war crimes

He was once a military photographer in Syria. For two years, he took pictures of the emaciated and mangled corpses left behind by Bashar al Assad’s interrogators. Then he fled to Europe with 55,000 digital images on flash drives hidden in his shoes.

Even members of Congress know him only ... Published:1/14/2020 2:13:34 PM

[World] The Easiest Way Donald Trump Can Bring Drug Prices Down

An eleventh-hour Obama executive order has benefitted pharmaceutical interests while hurting consumers. The current president can change all that.

The post The Easiest Way Donald Trump Can Bring Drug Prices Down appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/14/2020 12:12:02 PM
[World] White House scrambles to assemble Trump's impeachment defense

With President Trump's impeachment trial now likely within days, the White House scrambled to assemble his legal team and prepare his defense.

Published:1/14/2020 12:12:02 PM
[World] Need to Know: History will repeat itself when it comes to stocks in 2020, Goldman Sachs says The signing of a “phase one” trade deal between the U.S. and China after months of negotiations and tensions looks set to boost stocks further.
Published:1/14/2020 11:11:14 AM
[World] How to Watch the 2020 SAG Awards on TV and Online Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, 2018 SAG Awards, CandidsWe're counting down to the 2020 SAG Awards! The most wonderful time of the year in Hollywood continues this Sunday when the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards officially kicks...
Published:1/14/2020 6:12:04 AM
[World] Democrats: Killing patriotism, one child at a time

Once upon a time, it was a given that Americans, both young and old, regarded America through the rosy lens of exceptionalism and accepted that this country, despite past mistakes, was still the leader of the free world in terms of economics, human rights and, yes, even morality.

Then came ... Published:1/14/2020 4:09:45 AM

[World] Reading, writing, arithmetic take back seat to gender-neutral proposal in D.C.

Watch your backs, D.C. residents: D.C. Councilman David Grosso is not seeking reelection to his at-large seat.

However, like the smell of reefer when a pothead pulls on a joint as he enters a supermarket, the councilman's legacy will linger for generations if his colleagues don't say good riddance.

What ... Published:1/13/2020 9:37:05 PM

[World] Why Senator McConnell Should Recuse Himself From Impeachment

He's already declared that he is a partisan for the president. How can he run this show without compromising it?

The post Why Senator McConnell Should Recuse Himself From Impeachment appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/13/2020 9:37:04 PM
[World] Our lost nation must look to spiritual guidance to find its way home

The combination of the moonless night and the thick fog enveloping the bay meant I had to rely on a spotlight and my memory to locate the markers.

Since I knew where to expect the reflectors that define the channel, they were pretty easy to find.

But may the Good ... Published:1/13/2020 5:20:46 AM

[World] In the Coming Crisis, Bad Bureaucrats Will be the First to Go

Americans know they aren't getting results, and running out of money will only drive the point home.

The post In the Coming Crisis, Bad Bureaucrats Will be the First to Go appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/13/2020 5:20:46 AM
[World] A Homeric Life: Neil Peart (1952-2020)

The legendary drummer of the singular band Rush was always his own man, a seeker of the truth, and a pursuer of excellence.

The post A Homeric Life: Neil Peart (1952-2020) appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/11/2020 7:45:56 PM
[World] Jeffrey Epstein's demise was not at his own hands

Of course Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

And there's no reason to whisper around that. It's impossible to conclude otherwise — particularly in the face of the latest announcement about the final hours of the jailed convicted sex offender's life, that video footage of his first suicide attempt had been inadvertently ... Published:1/11/2020 7:45:56 PM

[World] America Has a Samson Problem

Our confrontation with Iran is part of a larger overconfidence in our military to solve all the world's problems.

The post America Has a Samson Problem appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/11/2020 12:56:51 AM
[World] Qassem Soleimani Senate briefing unacceptable

Within hours of learning that Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani had been killed by a U.S. missile strike, I issued a statement calling Soleimani’s death “a big victory for the safety of the American people.”

I believed that then and I believe that now.

What I also said in that statement ... Published:1/11/2020 12:56:51 AM

[World] Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan cracks down on crime and criminals

A poll released this week suggests that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is targeting the bull's-eye by proposing to crack down on crime and criminals.

Crime is the No. 1 issue across the state, pulling in a 31% ranking among respondents, according to the Gonzales Maryland Poll, released Tuesday.

Education was ... Published:1/9/2020 6:12:09 PM

[World] Gauging Trump's election prospects

Heading into the 2020 presidential election year, President Trump’s political prospects don’t look so good.

Real Clear Politics, the political campaign website that charts all of the presidential election polls and reports their average each month, had bad news for the president at year’s end.

When voters were asked if ... Published:1/9/2020 5:13:16 PM

[World] The killing of Soleimani defies what America's enemies have come to expect

Smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from other peoples’ mistakes. That is why you study history.

This is a lesson I regularly share with the college students, other young people and fellow members of Congress. The study of history is really about what works, what doesn’t ... Published:1/9/2020 2:11:03 PM

[World] In One Chart: Can you even locate Iran on these maps? Most Americans can’t For a country that’s been in the news as much as it has the past few weeks, you’d think Americans would have some vague concept of where it is on a map. Well, they don’t.
Published:1/9/2020 2:11:03 PM
[World] Ricky Gervais reminds 'Hollywood Hypocrites' to put up or shut up

“So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.

“So if you ... Published:1/9/2020 12:09:57 PM

[World] No More Escalations: True Strength Against Iran is Found in Restraint

Otherwise we risk uniting Russia and China against us, among other consequences.

The post No More Escalations: True Strength Against Iran is Found in Restraint appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/9/2020 12:09:57 PM
[World] Brett Arends's ROI: Trying to save for retirement? There are ways around IRA income limits — but watch out for traps IRA rules for higher earners: What you need to know
Published:1/9/2020 9:52:32 AM
[World] Inside Kate Middleton's Increasingly Tight Bond With Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth, Kate MiddletonThere would have been reason for Kate Middleton to celebrate no matter what last April. Eight years of marriage--every bit of it in the most glaring of spotlights is nothing to sneeze at....
Published:1/9/2020 8:42:29 AM
[World] Buy This, Not That: This $42 wearable fitness tracker is a ‘real bargain’ — and as good as $100 options The best fitness trackers under $100, including Samsung Galaxy Fit, Fitbit and more
Published:1/9/2020 5:44:21 AM
[World] Jody Hice: It's the God-given that makes us great

Rep. Jody Hice said the most crucial principle to remember about America is that here, in this country, individual rights come from God, not the government, and that deviating from this path leads to cultural degradation, Big Government, socialism and, ultimately, utter governmental and societal collapse.

He's right, you know.

Published:1/9/2020 4:10:05 AM
[World] Pompeo’s Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Don't take the events that led to Soleimani's killing at face value. Vietnam may seem like a lifetime ago, but its failures and lies loom.

The post Pompeo’s Gulf of Tonkin Incident appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/8/2020 10:07:39 PM
[World] A Trump Voter’s Lament

The president has squandered much of his promise with his hard line on Iran.

The post A Trump Voter’s Lament appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/8/2020 8:37:34 PM
[World] Trump restores deterrence with Iran

I guess the "chicken little" predictions of World War III being imminent now look a little silly?

Let's review just the past week's events: The left wing consistently advanced Iranian regime talking points, showed footage promoting the attendance at Gen. Qassem Soleimani's funeral, aired false statistics about American casualties from ... Published:1/8/2020 8:07:18 PM

[World] Misplaced outrage over Boris Johnson adviser suggesting relationship with Hungary's Orban

We live in strange times, where daring to admire patriotic leaders who produce for the citizens who elected them is met with charges of racism, neo-nationalism, even fascism. While any level-headed person who picks up The New York Times or happens to glance at the BBC or CNN is aware, ... Published:1/8/2020 4:07:20 PM

[World] Trump Today: Trump announces new U.S. sanctions on Iran as he says Tehran appears to be standing down President Donald Trump on Wednesday said Iran “appears to be standing down” following strikes by Tehran on two bases in Iraq overnight, and announced fresh sanctions on the Islamic Republic as he said his administration was continuing to evaluate options to respond to “Iranian aggression.”
Published:1/8/2020 3:36:30 PM
[World] The greatest deterrent to the next mass shooting is a good person with a gun

Imagine, you are in a room with a crazy person. Suddenly, you realize that he or she has a gun. You have two options:

1: You have a gun.

2: You do not have a gun.

If you think the life-or-death scenario above is just hyperbole, consider the events of ... Published:1/8/2020 3:05:05 PM

[World] How Bernie Sanders Became Your Child’s Economics Teacher

Without proper education, it's demagogues who will teach voters about political economy, to the nation's detriment.

The post How Bernie Sanders Became Your Child’s Economics Teacher appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/8/2020 12:04:26 PM
[World] Mark Hulbert: What should your retirement wish be for 2020? Be careful what you wish for
Published:1/8/2020 9:03:01 AM
[World] Upgrade: The No. 1 job that pays more than $100,000 — and has minimal stress U.S. News & World Report just released its 2020 best jobs in America list.
Published:1/8/2020 8:06:36 AM
[World] Economic Report: Private sector adds the most jobs in eight months: ADP Private-sector employment picked up in December, as businesses added 202,000 jobs, according to ADP data released Wednesday.
Published:1/8/2020 7:33:15 AM
[World] Market Extra: What Iran’s missile attack on U.S. forces in Iraq may say about the Islamic Republic’s ballistic capability Iran fired at least a dozen missiles early Wednesday, local time, at U.S. military bases in Iraq, in an apparent retaliation against the killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a top general who led Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
Published:1/8/2020 5:36:22 AM
[World] Chelsea Clinton's dubious 'earnings'

With all the talk about Hunter Biden these days, one might get the impression that he is the only child of a politician to benefit from his parents' position and the last name they inherited.

Before Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, got his strange ... Published:1/8/2020 5:04:05 AM

[World] Next Avenue: Why aging Americans will be a boon for the economy The contribution to the U.S. economy of 117 million Americans over age 50 is gigantic and growing.
Published:1/8/2020 4:02:21 AM
[World] Trump threats to destroy Iranian cultural sites way beyond the pale

President Trump's petty bellicosity can be amusing. When faced with even the slightest slight, Mr. Trump puffs out his chest like a cowardly schoolyard bully and blurts out the first thing that comes into his mind.

But there's a place for such braggadocio (maybe), and the doorstep of war is ... Published:1/7/2020 9:24:03 PM

[World] How Congress Can Stop Trump’s Iran War

He exceeded his authority and ordered what looks like an illegal assassination. Toothless resolutions won't be enough.

The post How Congress Can Stop Trump’s Iran War appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/7/2020 9:24:02 PM
[World] Doom and Gloom Won’t Win Votes in the Heartland

Americans don't want handouts and they don't want to be told the world is going to hell. Hope sells.

The post Doom and Gloom Won’t Win Votes in the Heartland appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/7/2020 8:49:47 AM
[World] South Korea's opposition sounds a warning

South Korea's very normalcy is a triumph. The country is rich, democratic and stable — and became that way in record time. Korea suffered under brutal Japanese occupation from 1910 to 1945 and then was flattened by the Korean War in the 1950s. Yet what just a few decades ago ... Published:1/7/2020 8:49:47 AM

[World] The Postal Service Rings in the New Year by Bleeding Cash

In its quest to compete with FedEx and UPS, the government-run agency lowballed shipping and got coal in its stocking.

The post The Postal Service Rings in the New Year by Bleeding Cash appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/5/2020 9:19:05 PM
[World] Black Americans are coming home to the GOP

"'Coming Home' contains truths about the relationship between African-Americans and Donald Trump that will not be reported by the media. Vernon Robinson and Bruce Eberle have broken new ground and explain how this relationship is key to President Trump's reelection." — Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state

What do ... Published:1/5/2020 8:48:23 PM

[World] 'No-brainer' casino, gambling bill would exploit Virginia's poor

What used to happen only in Las Vegas didn't stay there.

Today, casino gambling, which defined the desert resort town, proliferates the country. Before 1990, only two states had legal land-based casino gambling. Now, fully 43 U.S. states have casinos, according to the American Casino Guide.

When you can sidle ... Published:1/5/2020 7:47:45 PM

[World] Socialism, Howard Zinn and his fake history

Why do so many young people hate America and think we’d be better off as a socialist country?

We’ve all heard about the impact of “fake news,” but there’s something even more dangerous: Teaching “fake history.”

“If you think that it is outrageous that Democratic presidential candidates want to eliminate ... Published:1/5/2020 11:46:19 AM

[World] 'This Is the Beginning': Hackers Claiming to Be from Iran Take Over U.S. Government Website Below that was an image or President Trump being punched in the jaw by a fist displaying Iran's Revolutionary Guard insignia. Published:1/4/2020 11:42:51 PM
[World] UN pansies up in arms as Trump goes 'America First' on Iran

President Donald Trump, with his airstrike order against Iraq's airport that left dead Iran's top Revolutionary Guard leader, Gen. Qassem Soleiman, didn't just set the regime on notice that this administration takes seriously attacks on American citizens.

The airstrike also served as a message to the United Nations that went ... Published:1/4/2020 4:14:03 PM

[World] Where will Republicans, with or without Trump, go this decade?

The start of a new decade is a time to look both backward and forward, and a time, once again, to consider the question: What is the future of the Republican Party?

It has now been 10 years since the now-extinct Tea Party movement resuscitated the GOP just two years ... Published:1/4/2020 12:10:59 PM

[World] Iranian Revenge Will Be a Dish Best Served Cold

But the time and place will be of their choosing, when the U.S. expects it least.

The post Iranian Revenge Will Be a Dish Best Served Cold appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/4/2020 5:09:50 AM
[World] What to Expect From Peter Weber's Season of The Bachelor The Bachelor, Peter WeberThe seatbelt sign is on and you should prepare for turbulence. The Bachelor returns in just a few days, with Peter Weber in the cockpit, ready for takeoff. You might have to check your...
Published:1/3/2020 7:36:07 PM
[World] Can anti-Semitic attacks in New York be traced to the Nation of Islam? The media finally seems to be paying attention to the wave of anti-Semitic attacks in the New York area, after the sheer number and violence of those attacks peaked last month. But while the media is beginning to acknowledge a pattern it hasn't been willing to speculate about the source]] Published:1/3/2020 5:49:38 PM
[World] All of a sudden Ron Howard and Hollywood hucksters care about morality

On Wednesday, Jan. 1, actor and filmmaker Ron Howard opened up the New Year by telling the world that Hollywood views President Trump as a “morally bankrupt” human being who is “hustling” the American people. Thus, Mr. Howard shocked all of us by suggesting something we find quite surprising: Hollywood ... Published:1/3/2020 2:05:21 PM

[World] ‘International face of resistance’: Two big reasons why Qassem Soleimani was revered by the Iranian people Many reacted with shock and anger to the killing of the Iranian general by a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad Friday.
Published:1/3/2020 12:07:25 PM
[World] Commodities Corner: Why the oil market rally on elevated U.S.-Iran tensions may be short lived The U.S. assassination of one of Iran’s top military commanders sparked a rally in the oil market, but Iran’s next move will dictate whether prices will see a gain that lasts.
Published:1/3/2020 10:33:06 AM
[World] Why Iraq is Much Worse than ‘Trump’s Benghazi’

Because today's events could lead to a hot war with Iran, ahead of another razor-thin election here.

The post Why Iraq is Much Worse than ‘Trump’s Benghazi’ appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:1/2/2020 9:32:50 PM
[World] Black drivers face more police stops in California, state analysis shows

New California data show law enforcement is more likely to stop and search black drivers than white motorists.

Published:1/2/2020 5:30:50 PM
[World] Anti-Semitism still infects the U.S.

A sword-wielding attack on American Jews in New York on the seventh night of Hanukkah last month was yet another chilling reminder that a wave of hateful, anti-Semitism still infects our country.

In the New York City suburb of Monsey, New York, a man charged through the front door of ... Published:1/2/2020 4:58:52 PM

[World] 'Tea Leaves' story shows Vladimir Putin's U.S. election reach

Last month, the Justice Department's inspector general released his highly anticipated report on the origins and early phases of the FBI's inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

While lawmakers rightly focused on questions of whether investigators abused the FISA surveillance system, the IG report's debunking of another conspiracy ... Published:1/2/2020 2:57:38 PM

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