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[World] [Michael Ramsey] Originalism and Accidental Outcomes Should we follow the original meaning even when it resolves issues in ways its enactors did not foresee? Published:10/30/2020 7:06:51 AM
[World] Need to Know: Here are 5 quality ‘election-proof’ stocks with upside potential, analyst says David Trainer, founder of the independent research firm New Constructs, has put out a list of five stocks to own regardless of the election. He says all these picks have attractive risk vs. reward, large cash reserves and strong market share.
Published:10/30/2020 6:06:47 AM
[World] Free Speech in France is Under Attack by Islamism

Another terrorist attack there calls to mind Charlie Hebdo and the extent to which Muslim youths feel alienated from French society.

The post Free Speech in France is Under Attack by Islamism appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/29/2020 11:00:33 PM
[World] Tricks, treats and scaredy-cat teachers unions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so too does the battle for reopening public schools.

The teachers unions' trick is to oppose classroom learning as unsafe, sometimes even drawing up the generations-old canard about aging, crumbling and overcrowded school facilities.

The treat for school reformers is the opportunity to turn those ... Published:10/29/2020 10:33:29 PM

[World] [Eugene Volokh] State Can't Push November Election Back to February Based on Death of Third-Party Candidate "By analogy ..., perhaps a major earthquake or hurricane in the congressional district on election day could justify a cancellation, but a snowstorm could not ...." Published:10/29/2020 6:59:29 PM
[World] Earnings Results: Twitter shares tank as profit, user gains fall short of expectations Twitter Inc. added users and revenue in the third quarter, but its profit and daily active-user gains fell short of analyst expectations, sending its shares sharply lower in after-hours trading.
Published:10/29/2020 5:32:06 PM
[World] America itself is on the ballot

Never has an election come down to a clearer choice.

You have a strong, disruptive, sitting president who unabashedly loves America and seeks to tame Washington. He openly supports and defends the principles and ideals on which America is founded.

When President Trump took the oath of office, he vowed ... Published:10/29/2020 5:32:06 PM

[World] Xi's Gotta Have It: China's Communist Party Has a Long-Range Plan to Overtake the United States Published:10/29/2020 5:02:09 PM
[World] Is MLB Painting a Target on Its Own Back by Allowing Steve Cohen to Buy the Mets? Published:10/29/2020 4:04:27 PM
[World] Take Our 2020 Reader Survey

We want to hear from you!

The post Take Our 2020 Reader Survey appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/29/2020 3:31:57 PM
[World] [Video] Raymond Ibrahim on Three Christians Slaughtered in French Church Published:10/29/2020 2:28:30 PM
[World] New study obliterates Democrats' wealth inequality narrative

While the hysterical media is working tirelessly to convince the American and global public that Donald Trump has ushered in Armageddon, under the president’s leadership America and the world are significantly better off than before he assumed office in 2016. 

Unprecedented progress on Middle East peace is occurring, completely neglected ... Published:10/29/2020 2:28:30 PM

[World] Market Extra: Boeing sees roughly $12 billion in demand for new debt deal, despite massive cash burn Boeing is seeing huge demand from investors on Thursday for its new 4-part corporate bond deal, which comes a day after the embattled aircraft maker reported third-quarter results that weren't as bad as Wall Street feared.
Published:10/29/2020 2:28:30 PM
[World] COVID-19 May Have Helped This New Unicorn COVID-19 May Have Helped This New Unicorn Tyler Durden Thu, 10/29/2020 - 15:00

Submitted by Market Crumbs

Markets were a sea of red yesterday as Covid-19 continues to dominate the news with the U.S. reporting its third consecutive record in average daily cases and Europe imposing additional lockdowns.

While publicly traded equities were selling off on Covid-19 fears, privately held Whoop announced it raised $100 million in Series E funding at a $1.2 billion valuation. Whoop, which sells fitness trackers and offers a monthly subscription plan, has actually seen a boost in sales as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The membership, which begins at $30 per month, includes the Whoop Strap 3.0 for monitoring vitals such as sleep and movements as well as a coaching platform. The company says customers who wear the device for more than one year experience longer and more consistent sleep, improved physiology and enhanced physical performance.

"We will continue to make Whoop the best product experience for measuring and improving health," Whoop Founder & CEO Will Ahmed said. "Human performance is a new category and Whoop has emerged as both the pioneer and market leader. We're proud to partner with IVP and other prominent investors who share our vision."

Whoop made the news earlier this year after PGA Tour player Nick Watney saw his respiratory rate jump on the Whoop app, prompting him to get a Covid-19 test. Watney tested positive despite not showing any of the symptoms. Whoop is even working with researchers from the likes of Harvard Medical School, Brigham Health, and CQUniversity to understand how its products could help with Covid-19.

The funding round was led by IVP and includes a handful of notable athletes such as Kevin Durant, Patrick Mahomes, Eli Manning and Rory McIlroy. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Two Sigma Ventures are among the notable participating investors in the round.

Whoop has now raised more than $200 million since its founding and has more than 330 employees, with more than 200 of them hired this year. The funds will be used to improve the membership through additional coaching tools and to expand globally.

"I've always loved Whoop the product, but I learned that Whoop the business was just as good. I'm proud to be investing again in this round of financing and very excited about the company's prospects," McIlroy said.

As Whoop becomes the latest member of the unicorn club, it's the latest example of money flowing into the health and fitness space following the likes of Peloton and Lululemon's $500 million acquisition of Mirror.

Published:10/29/2020 2:01:14 PM
[World] Key Words: Feels like a ‘classic October crash’ is on the way, market strategist warns Bill Blain, strategist at London-based Shard Capital, shared his ominous take on the stock market ahead of what he exaggeratedly described as "the most critical election in global history" and as investors grapple with spiking coronavirus numbers.
Published:10/29/2020 1:27:40 PM
[World] : Prospect of Biden winning could spur deal making rush ahead of tax hikes Higher corporate tax rate could hit private equity pay.
Published:10/29/2020 12:23:38 PM
[World] President Trump Said Regeneron Cured His COVID-19. The Data Suggests He's Right Published:10/29/2020 12:05:09 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] The Filter Bubble: Another Web Conversation with SF Author/Futurist David Brin, Prof. Jane Bambauer, Prof. Mark Lemley, Prof. Ted Parson, and Me Please come by, Fri., Nov. 6, 2020, 1:30 to 3 pm. Published:10/29/2020 12:05:08 PM
[World] Woman Decapitated, Two Others Stabbed to Death in Grisly Nice Terror Attack Published:10/29/2020 9:23:49 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] A Game Changer for Zoom Classes: Live Transcription by will automatically add closed-captions to your Zoom screen, and create an interactive transcript in real time. Published:10/29/2020 8:22:09 AM
[World] Earnings Results: Fast start for coronavirus drug boosts Gilead earnings, but stock sinks on forecast In the first quarter of sales of its COVID-19 antiviral drug, Gilead Sciences Inc. produced better profit and sales than expected, buts its beleaguered shares were hit by a reduction in its annual sales forecast Wednesday.
Published:10/29/2020 7:29:44 AM
[World] Americans shouldn't have to suffer another COVID-19 lockdown

On the coronavirus, President Donald Trump strikes the right tone. His Democratic rival Joe Biden, on the other hand — well, off the mark is putting is kindly. Off the rails is more like it.

Americans, at this point in time, are fearing lockdowns, shutdowns and total economic clampdowns much ... Published:10/29/2020 4:29:20 AM

[World] Prop. 24 is an easy 'yes' to protect internet privacy in California. But I'm a 'no' on Prop. 14

Two lesser-known propositions on California's statewide ballot — 14 and 24 — deserve voters' attention. But only Proposition 24 deserves a "yes" vote, columnist George Skelton writes.

Published:10/29/2020 2:16:44 AM
[World] The Election Monsters Next Door

Politics in 2020 is all about hating the other side, yet that isn't compatible with how most people live, among the near and the familiar.

The post The Election Monsters Next Door appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/28/2020 11:22:26 PM
[World] Turkey’s Hateful Neo-Ottoman Campaign Against the Armenians

The attack on Nagorno-Karabakh is just the latest in a series of imperial moves by Turkish president Erdogan.

The post Turkey’s Hateful Neo-Ottoman Campaign Against the Armenians appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/28/2020 10:16:36 PM
[World] Defense budget debates should start with strategy, not dollars

The defense budget is an unusual investment — spending resources on something the country doesn't want to use. Further, the more it invests in modernizing its military, the less likely it is to be used.

The goal of defense dollars is to build a force capable of deterring our adversaries ... Published:10/28/2020 10:16:36 PM

[World] The Morning Briefing: Philly Riot Thugs Make Final Push for Trump's Reelection Published:10/28/2020 6:57:02 AM
[World] Tom McClintock: Far-left threatens minority rights

Editor's note: This is the second in a series "To the Republic: Rediscovering the Constitution." Click HERE to read the series.

The Constitution, as solid as it is, ultimately relies on those who make and execute the laws to do so faithfully and ... Published:10/28/2020 3:00:54 AM

[World] Allies Aren’t Friends and Clients Aren’t Allies

Our founders warned of the dangers of entangling alliances, but the U.S. has for far too long misunderstood the nature of international relationships.

The post Allies Aren’t Friends and Clients Aren’t Allies appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/28/2020 3:00:54 AM
[World] [WATCH] Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House Published:10/26/2020 9:26:27 PM
[World] [WATCH LIVE] Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House Published:10/26/2020 8:58:59 PM
[World] [WATCH LIVE] Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House Published:10/26/2020 8:26:32 PM
[World] This is CNN: Christiane Amanpour Interviews Actor Who Played Nixon (and Skeletor) to Trash Trump Published:10/26/2020 5:56:17 PM
[World] QAnon, Mr. President?

NBC News reporter Kristen Welker won high plaudits for her performance moderating last week’s final debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

For one thing, she was the first moderator of this election cycle to ask a single question about illegal immigration — perhaps the biggest ... Published:10/26/2020 5:28:45 PM

[World] North Korea's 'October surprise' highlights the importance of U.S. homeland missile defense

After much speculation, our long-promised “October surprise” from our North Korean friends has been revealed. On Oct. 10, North Korea paraded a “monster” intercontinental-range ballistic missile (ICBM), appearing to have capabilities that can give U.S. homeland missile defenses a run for their money.

It’s no surprise that North Korea has ... Published:10/26/2020 4:28:43 PM

[World] : AIG stock rallies after company announces plans to split, CEO departure AIG stock rallies more than 7% late Monday after the company announces a plan to split its business, choosing a new CEO to guide the separation.
Published:10/26/2020 3:55:59 PM
[World] Arbitration offers a smart solution to surprise medical billing

Throughout the year, Americans have been working to do their part to help take the coronavirus head-on. Doctors and nurses continue working day and night to treat sick patients, while citizens nationwide diligently follow local health guidelines and go in for testing if they feel they may have contracted the ... Published:10/26/2020 2:28:08 PM

[World] The Anti-Catholic Attacks on William Barr

The New York Review of Books runs a scurrilous piece on the attorney general that takes apart not his record but his faith.

The post The Anti-Catholic Attacks on William Barr appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/26/2020 12:28:32 PM
[World] : Japan to go carbon-free by 2050, Prime Minister Suga says Japan will achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga declared Monday, outlining an ambitious agenda as the country struggles to balance economic and pandemic concerns.
Published:10/26/2020 10:53:53 AM
[World] Trump Unbound: Visions for a Second Term

An election night victory could hand President Donald Trump four years of unchained potential for an America First agenda.

The post Trump Unbound: Visions for a Second Term appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/25/2020 11:18:59 PM
[World] With nine days to go, Trump faces two adversaries: Joe Biden and the pandemic

Trump is on the defensive as Biden's plans to campaign in Georgia and picks up the endorsement of New Hampshire's most influential -- and conservative -- newspaper

Published:10/25/2020 4:51:51 PM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: Facebook prepared to limit posts in case of post-election strife Facebook Inc. teams have planned for the possibility of trying to calm election-related conflict in the U.S. by deploying internal tools designed for what it calls “at-risk” countries, according to people familiar with the matter.
Published:10/25/2020 4:16:32 PM
[World] Liberal media, Big Tech and progressives pursue a relentless revolution against free speech

This past month, America’s “progressives” showed they will do anything to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This includes having social media, along with “legacy” media, spike articles by America’s fourth largest newspaper, The New York Post. 

But that’s not all. These Marxists are even vowing revenge on Trump supporters ... Published:10/25/2020 2:16:13 PM

[World] A Modest Proposal: Make Universities Pay for Student Debt Forgiveness Published:10/25/2020 9:16:14 AM
[World] Is It Good or Is It Quarantine? Emily in Paris Outfits You Can Wear IRLMaybe it's born with it. Maybe it's quarantine. We don't know about you, but we're pretty sure we've watched about 95 percent of what's available on Netflix since...
Published:10/25/2020 2:09:39 AM
[World] Bernie Sanders as Joe Biden's labor secretary would devastate America

A whisper's going around the Washington, D.C. media and political worlds that suggests Bernie Sanders may be a candidate for Labor secretary under a Joe Biden administration — that Bernie Sanders may in fact have forged a backdoor deal that traded his campaign support for Biden for the leadership slot ... Published:10/24/2020 8:39:54 PM

[World] Iran, China and North Korea have the most to gain from a Biden presidency

While Americans have much at stake in next week’s election, our major foreign adversaries and allies have at least as much. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and the NATO nations anxiously await the result because it will determine how we deal with them in the next four years.

Each of ... Published:10/24/2020 6:03:29 PM

[World] Chelsea Handler Offers Ex-Boyfriend 50 Cent a Unique In-Kind Contribution if He'll Support Biden Published:10/24/2020 2:38:39 PM
[World] Pelosi: 'I Think We Are About There,' on Stimulus Deal Published:10/24/2020 1:03:32 PM
[World] Thousands Protest Anti-Abortion Ruling by Poland's Supreme Court Published:10/24/2020 12:01:39 PM
[World] Dr. Fauci Suggests a Federal Mask Mandate May Be Necessary Published:10/24/2020 9:00:15 AM
[World] This Election Isn’t Just Binary, It’s Existential

The ideologues who want to watch America burn are very close to the mainstream of the Democratic Party. That's what this election is about.

The post This Election Isn’t Just Binary, It’s Existential appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/23/2020 11:27:12 PM
[World] DHS Statement on Family Reunification Destroys Biden Debate Talking Point Published:10/23/2020 6:54:12 PM
[World] Charting the decline of universities: LGBTQ+ sexual ethics fail logic and reason

The list of universities resembling the asylum rather than the academy is growing daily. Institutions from Berkeley to Brown are falling over themselves to prove their “wokeness.” But this week’s winner of the “burning of the ivory tower award” hails, not from the secular sanctimony of the East or West ... Published:10/23/2020 5:56:05 PM

[World] The Tell: Pandemic could force 30-35% of U.S. shopping malls to close permanently, warns Morgan Stanley Roughly a third of America's 1,167 shopping centers could shut forever as property owners grapple wth further rent declines and skyrocketing e-commerce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Published:10/23/2020 3:21:49 PM
[World] Futures Movers: Oil suffers a loss, dragging U.S. benchmark below $40 a barrel Oil falls on Friday, posting a loss for the week, with increasing exports from Libya and worries about crude demand on the back of accelerating cases of COVID-19 prompting U.S. prices to finish under $40 a barrel for the first time in nearly three weeks.
Published:10/23/2020 2:21:48 PM
[World] The Very Merry Trailer For Netflix's Dash & Lily Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit Austin Abrams, Dash and LilyIs it just us, or does it feel like Christmas has officially arrived? Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, but the spirit of the holiday season is exactly what we're in the mood...
Published:10/23/2020 11:02:27 AM
[World] Rep. Ilhan Omar Demands U.S. Boycott G-20 Summit in Saudi Arabia Published:10/23/2020 9:20:37 AM
[World] Trump v. Biden Stays Trump v. Biden

Trump was demure --- and more successful --- against Joe Biden, but likely failed to have a breakout night.

The post Trump v. Biden Stays Trump v. Biden appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/23/2020 9:20:37 AM
[World] Coronavirus update: U.S. death toll tops 222,000 and President Trump criticizes media for constant coverage of crisis The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus illness COVID-19 rose above 222,000 on Thursday, and President Donald Trump again falsely claimed the virus was disappearing and criticized the media for its constant coverage of the crisis.
Published:10/23/2020 6:20:24 AM
[World] The Parable of the Stone Crabs

Crabbers rip off one claw, then throw the mutilated creatures back into the ocean. Sounds a lot like the Democratic Party.

The post The Parable of the Stone Crabs appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/22/2020 11:14:41 PM
[World] Celebrity families feud over Trump, Biden

Stop it. Stop wasting your time, energy and resources thinking that beating President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Election Day will lead to a chorus of "Kumbaya" come Inauguration Day for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Ain't gonna happen.

Cultural appropriation not allowed, eh?

So, let's move onto ... Published:10/22/2020 10:46:05 PM

[World] Forget the COVID-19 winter lockdowns -- let's keep going to church

Remember the last seven months? Remember the half-life we all lived? The glazed-eye binges of streamed television, the distracted book-reading, the Zoom calls that we didn’t want but had to have just to stay sane? Remember when we were locked out of every place that gave life meaning: friends’ homes, ... Published:10/22/2020 5:44:00 PM

[World] Thoughts on swimming, cancer and the power of love

A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with Olympic gold medalist Kaitlin Sandeno, who was headed to Budapest to lead the D.C. Trident team in the second season of the International Swimming league. As consequential as the upcoming swimming competitions are for Ms. Sandeno, one of the few female ... Published:10/22/2020 4:46:26 PM

[World] Courts Give GOP Two Important Ballot Integrity Wins Published:10/22/2020 12:06:58 PM
[World] China Shows the Weakness of Strong-Arm Diplomacy

Beijing needs to be deterred, but the Chinese threat is also much weaker than some Americans think.

The post China Shows the Weakness of Strong-Arm Diplomacy appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/22/2020 12:06:57 PM
[World] : ‘Informed voters cannot be suppressed voters.’ Your complete guide to voting in person — early or on Election Day What to know about requesting provisional ballots, taking ballot selfies, and voter intimidation.
Published:10/22/2020 12:06:57 PM
[World] Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Caught Spreading Iran Disinformation Published:10/22/2020 10:40:00 AM
[World] Trump Ambassador Grenell Tried to Secretly Negotiate Venezuela Dictator Maduro's Exit Published:10/22/2020 10:08:50 AM
[World] 'We Did It!' Amy Coney Barrett Nomination Unanimously Approved by Judiciary Committee; Childish Dems Skip Vote Published:10/22/2020 9:08:51 AM
[World] Endless campaigns are bad for America

Once upon a time, America's presidential elections came every four years, with campaign seasons that lasted the few months before the fated November date.

Now, they're endless. As soon as Election Day cometh, the next White House race dawneth.

The overarching effect is a population kept in a constant state ... Published:10/22/2020 6:36:29 AM

[World] American Conservatism at a Crossroads

As the gatekeepers of the conservative movement have their fantasies ripped away, the Old Right looks for a new way forward.

The post American Conservatism at a Crossroads appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/21/2020 11:02:45 PM
[World] Meet the Bidens, the one family who made a fortune in the Obama economy

Welcome to the "mute button election."

For more than 200 years now, our fellow countrymen have fought and died for the right to free speech. Now, the most precious and coddled press in the history of the planet fights for silence. Censorship.

Larry Flynt is rolling in his grave up ... Published:10/21/2020 10:33:01 PM

[World] With the aid of prayer and principles, America perseveres

Recent polls indicate that Americans are feeling anxious and insecure. A More In Common survey found that 2 out of every 3 Americans say they are "exhausted by society's current state."

And the rancorous political campaigning isn't helping. The American Psychological Association's "Stress in America" survey reveals that 56% of ... Published:10/21/2020 3:28:58 PM

[World] Social media's impact on a free and fair election

When a story broke in the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma, people took to Twitter and Facebook to share the news. Without warning and without explanation, posts were blocked. Accounts were suspended. Questions were asked. From everyday Americans to the White House press secretary to the account ... Published:10/21/2020 2:40:37 PM

[World] Economic Report: Fed’s Beige Book finds limited pace of economic growth in early October Most regions of the country said economic growth was 'slight to modest,' according to the latest Beige Book report released by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday.
Published:10/21/2020 1:27:43 PM
[World] How to Fix Healthcare in America

We can't pivot suddenly to a pure free market, but we can pursue sensible reforms against rampant collusion and corruption.

The post How to Fix Healthcare in America appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/21/2020 12:26:41 PM
[World] Brie & Nikki Bella Are Moving: All the Details on Their New Lives in a New City Brie Bella, Nikki BellaThe Bella Twins are bidding adieu to Arizona! Brie Bella and Nikki Bella revealed the news on Wednesday, Oct. 21's episode of The Bellas Podcast, putting an end to speculation first...
Published:10/21/2020 12:00:26 PM
[World] NewsWatch: Why stock-market investors are starting to focus on Biden’s narrowing lead against Trump Some Wall Street strategists make the case that two weeks shy of the Nov. 3 election, some narrowing of recent chances for a victory in the presidential race by former Vice President Joe Biden against incumbent Donald Trump is causing some pause among investors.
Published:10/21/2020 11:00:54 AM
[World] Decapitated Infidels and the Price of Fighting 'Islamophobia' Published:10/21/2020 10:25:52 AM
[World] A Think Tank Skeptical of Trump Triumphed in His First Term

No organization got its way in Donald Trump’s Washington more than the controversial and astonishingly effective Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

The post A Think Tank Skeptical of Trump Triumphed in His First Term appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/21/2020 7:56:09 AM
[World] Bet the Election Published:10/20/2020 11:22:35 PM
[World] Remembering Hunter’s First Big Scandal

Long before Burisma, there was Paradigm Global—a fund of funds with more than its fair share of malpractice. Its CEO: Hunter Biden.

The post Remembering Hunter’s First Big Scandal appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/20/2020 11:22:34 PM
[World] #MeToobin Gets Mockworthy: CNN's Brian Stelter Claims It Was an 'Accident' Published:10/20/2020 10:52:31 PM
[World] #MeToobin Gets Mockworthy: CNN's Brian Stelter Claims It Was an 'Accident' Published:10/20/2020 10:28:33 PM
[World] BREAKING: FBI Has Hunter Biden's Hard Drive, Which May Contain Images of Underage Girls Published:10/20/2020 8:21:29 PM
[World] Steve Scully and Jeffrey Toobin scandals reveal a legacy media mired in ethics issues

The Steve Scully and Jeffrey Toobin scandals appear on the surface to be quite far apart about what they represent and mean about the state of so-called journalism today. But, in fact, they issue a very similar warning to everyone: The legacy media has devolved into theater, peopled with corner ... Published:10/20/2020 6:27:24 PM

[World] Bookies took a bath on the 2016 election -- and they might do the same in 2020

Political pollsters are like weathermen — they can completely blow the forecast and never get fired.

That’s what nearly all of the pollsters did in 2016. The overwhelming consensus was that Hillary Clinton would crush Donald Trump in the election.

For instance, on Election Day 2016, at 10:41 a.m., wunderkind ... Published:10/20/2020 5:23:30 PM

[World] How the Polls Hide Trump’s Lead

Mainstream pollsters have not fixed their 2016 mistakes. More reliable methods overwhelmingly predict a Trump victory next month.

The post How the Polls Hide Trump’s Lead appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/20/2020 3:50:27 PM
[World] Should Maryland decriminalize sports betting? Yes.

In November, Maryland voters will weigh in on whether sports betting should be legal in the state. Question 2 would allow certain licensed facilities to offer patrons a way to legally wager on sports and direct the bulk of the new revenue toward public schools.

The few voices advocating a ... Published:10/20/2020 3:23:30 PM

[World] What Is the U.S. Doing for Diplomats Sickened by Russia 'Mystery Weapon'? Published:10/20/2020 1:23:37 PM
[World] : Google officially charged with antitrust by Justice Department The Justice Department formally charged Alphabet Inc.'s Google with antitrust violations Tuesday, the first major action against Big Tech for its staggering market power and values.
Published:10/20/2020 10:16:51 AM
[World] Opposition to Packing the Court Coming From More Moderate Democrats Published:10/20/2020 9:20:29 AM
[World] : This retirement benefit would go far — if employers offered it, that is Some employers worry if they provided employees these two retirement benefits, workers may not save as much for their futures.
Published:10/20/2020 8:44:57 AM
[World] : This billionaire had to knock millions off his Singapore luxury penthouse to sell it Vacuum-cleaner tycoon James Dyson is selling his Singapore penthouse for a reported $46 million.
Published:10/20/2020 8:17:09 AM
[World] Emily in Paris Outfits You Can Wear IRL (and on a Budget) Emily in Paris Outfits You Can Wear IRLWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. If...
Published:10/20/2020 6:14:38 AM
[World] Christmas with the Joe Biden cranks

President Donald Trump said in a rally over the weekend that if Joe Biden wins the White House, be prepared for a canceled Christmas season.

That's the truth. Christmas 2021 — and beyond.

Biden and his buddies on the socialist side of the political aisle can't wait to get their ... Published:10/20/2020 5:15:43 AM

[World] : ‘Why don’t any of the signs say Kamala?’ my 6-year-old daughter asked me 'To say your name, the way it is meant to be said, is how I honor who you are and where you come from.'
Published:10/20/2020 4:14:06 AM
[World] Donald Trump Is No ‘Phony’ Populist

The president is often denounced as a fake ally of the working class, but important data suggest that he's done right by them.

The post Donald Trump Is No ‘Phony’ Populist appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/19/2020 11:12:24 PM
[World] National Harbor has a problem

Prince George's County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, a Democrat, has her hands full.

One is trying to stem the tide of COVID-19, and the other is wrestling with crime and young people hellbent on wreaking havoc at one of Maryland's most lucrative economic development projects.

National Harbor, a U.S. Census-designated site, ... Published:10/19/2020 10:12:25 PM

[World] What Is Gay Inc.? Let Gay Conservative Chadwick Moore Explain Published:10/19/2020 8:14:20 PM
[World] Social media's preemptive spiking of New York Post story shows bias against conservatives continues

Twitter and Facebook are quickly backpedaling after suppressing a New York Post story damaging to former Vice President Joe Biden, but that doesn’t erase the fact that just weeks before an election, the social media platforms continue to enforce their rules differently for those with whom they disagree politically. 

When ... Published:10/19/2020 7:13:44 PM

[World] Stop the presses: According to latest studies, we are all going to die

Here’s the bad news: According to the latest study, we are all going to die. Worse, it is for the most part sooner than expected. I’m not talking about COVID-19. 

Published studies caution coffee causes cancer; buttered popcorn increases risks of Alzheimer’s disease; and soda raises the probability of premature ... Published:10/19/2020 6:13:52 PM

[World] Biden Inc. Is More Corrupt Than Cronyism

The Biden family has always capitalized on Joe's influence. A pause during campaign season is par for the course, and it doesn't mean anything has changed.

The post Biden Inc. Is More Corrupt Than Cronyism appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/19/2020 4:40:18 PM
[World] Stick with stocks through the contested election

The American economy and stock prices have been hit by a triple whammy. A pandemic that shut the economy, squabbling between the White House and Democrats in Congress about additional stimulus to boost the recovery and the caldron of racial tensions, violence in major cities and prospects for a contested ... Published:10/19/2020 4:40:18 PM

[World] COVID-19 lockdowns take severe toll on Americans' physical and mental health

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming presidential election, Americans are tuning into the news to hear the latest numbers on both, yet when it comes to COVID-19, there is another set of numbers that Americans should be aware of — the toll the virus has taken on our physical ... Published:10/18/2020 11:59:59 PM

[World] Revisiting Hydroxychloroquine

There is substantial evidence to suggest that the drug is effective in treating Covid-19. Why are we not trying it?

The post Revisiting Hydroxychloroquine appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/18/2020 11:59:59 PM
[World] 'Die in a Fire': Twitter Employees Express Their Unbalanced Hatred of Trump Published:10/18/2020 1:47:14 PM
[World] Market Extra: Why stock-market bulls are brushing off a stimulus impasse and putting faith in the U.S. consumer Bulls are convinced the American consumer -- and the stock market -- are going to be fine, even if politicians fail to approve another round of fiscal stimulus before next month's elections. But some economists see consumption taking a big hit after a robust third quarter.
Published:10/18/2020 1:47:14 PM
[World] TaxWatch: Trump has faced a decade-long tax audit — here’s how long IRS audits usually take and who is more likely to get audited President Trump described his audit as ‘very routine,’ but legal experts say it is quite unusual.
Published:10/18/2020 6:32:13 AM
[World] VidAngel takes the lead making films in the 'clean entertainment' genre

It took quick thinking on the part of “Jesus” to keep the action going.

The makers of “The Chosen” were filming a scene about the wedding in Cana. The critically acclaimed series about the life of Christ was in the midst of an all-night shoot in Weatherford Texas, near Dallas. ... Published:10/17/2020 9:30:08 PM

[World] Socialism's sneaky verbiage

Merriam-Webster Dictionary just changed the online definition of "sexual preference," labeling it an offense term, and the fact the edit was made on the heels of Democrat senators scolding Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett for using the same term in reference to the LGBTQ community does not escape ... Published:10/17/2020 6:09:33 PM

[World] Budget Deficit Tripled to $3.1 Trillion in 2020 Published:10/17/2020 3:09:58 PM
[World] Whitmer Vetoes Ballot Integrity Bills Because They Would 'Confuse Voters' Published:10/17/2020 1:42:00 PM
[World] Not Shocking: Debate Moderator for Thursday Appears to Be a Democratic Partisan Published:10/17/2020 1:11:55 PM
[World] Biden Blames Trump Tweet 'Liberate Michigan' for Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Published:10/17/2020 11:07:40 AM
[World] French Teacher Beheaded After Discussing Mohammad Cartoons Published:10/17/2020 10:44:21 AM
[World] : Why California’s unemployment system devolved into chaos during pandemic A new report examines the failures of California's Employment Development Department to help residents obtain their unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Published:10/17/2020 8:18:31 AM
[World] The Arab Outlier: Algeria’s Geostrategic Sensibilities

With little dependence on any Gulf state, the African nation is uniquely positioned to maintain neutrality in Middle Eastern conflicts.

The post The Arab Outlier: Algeria’s Geostrategic Sensibilities appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/16/2020 11:02:07 PM
[World] Church leaders sell their souls to the Democratic Party

Over the past couple of months, while the world has been distracted by all-things-COVID-19, a very important bit of news slipped under our radar and went virtually unnoticed. The contemporary church sold its soul to the Devil for a pot of political porridge. 

Consider the evidence.

Last week “pro-life” evangelicals ... Published:10/16/2020 7:30:01 PM

[World] Feinstein's Senate role is at issue as Democrats fume over her committee performance

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein faces calls to forfeit her senior role on the Judiciary Committee as Democrats slam her performance at Amy Coney Barrett's hearing.

Published:10/16/2020 5:59:48 PM
[World] ‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman didn’t have a will — like many Americans Only a third of people said they had a will in 2020, one survey found.
Published:10/16/2020 4:09:11 PM
[World] At Least 118 Seattle Police Officers Have Quit or Separated From the Department This Year Published:10/16/2020 1:04:24 PM
[World] Did GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Just Commit Political Suicide? Published:10/16/2020 10:55:52 AM
[World] Trump Administration Denies California Request for Wildfire Disaster Aid Published:10/16/2020 9:52:03 AM
[World] How Trump Still Divides the Republican Old Guard

A superlative new biography of James Baker, Republican fixer and statesman, reveals how old friends grappled with the Trump years.

The post How Trump Still Divides the Republican Old Guard appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/16/2020 8:13:16 AM
[World] Why the West Fuels Conflict in Armenia

The U.S. and German position is a relic of Stalinist foreign policy, and damaging to the interests of every nation involved.

The post Why the West Fuels Conflict in Armenia appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/15/2020 11:17:36 PM
[World] Public-private partnerships build schools

Prince George's County parents and politicians say they want six new public schools either built from the ground up or substantially modernized.

There has been no rabid public outcry among Prince Georgians concerning the potential to raise taxes and fees and/or create new taxes. But there is measurable agreement about ... Published:10/15/2020 9:17:32 PM

[World] LIVE BLOG: Trump and Biden Face Off in Dueling Town Halls Published:10/15/2020 7:17:35 PM
[World] In final stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Democrats lie down like little shorn lambs

President Trump has officially broken these people.

They now find themselves in the final, acute stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has turned on her handmaids in the press and is attacking them for quoting fellow Democrats who say she should be negotiating with Mr. Trump on ... Published:10/15/2020 5:17:49 PM

[World] BREAKING: C-SPAN Suspends Steve Scully Indefinitely for Lying About Having His Twitter Hacked Published:10/15/2020 3:17:29 PM
[World] Election polls from 2016 were a case study in failure

Right about this time in 2016, candidate Donald J. Trump said, “I don’t believe the polls anymore,” when nearly every national poll had Hillary Clinton with a significant lead over Mr. Trump. The polls in that election were dead wrong.

The president has standing to make the case that history ... Published:10/15/2020 1:15:12 PM

[World] Facebook and Twitter Explain How Their Bias Works Published:10/15/2020 12:51:06 PM
[World] President Xi Tells Troops to 'Prepare for War' Published:10/15/2020 10:41:27 AM
[World] Colin Jost Sets the Record Straight on Rumors He's Leaving Saturday Night Live Colin JostColin Jost is setting the record straight. During a virtual Oct. 15 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian explained the last chapter in his book, A Very Punchable Face,...
Published:10/15/2020 9:41:01 AM
[World] Coronavirus update: U.S. death toll nears 217,00; Nature magazine is latest science journal to slam Trump’s pandemic management The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus illness COVID-19 was close to 217,000 on Thursday, as Nature magazine became the latest scientific journal to sharply criticize President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and endorse rival, Democrat Joe Biden, for president.
Published:10/15/2020 9:41:01 AM
[World] Biden Campaign Attacks the Messenger, Not the Message on Email Story Published:10/15/2020 8:39:13 AM
[World] The Value Gap: ‘Democracy punishes solutions that take time’: How food can fight COVID-19 and racial inequality ‘Capitalism has not reached the full population of this country with healthy, nutritious food,’ says Nancy Roman.
Published:10/15/2020 5:06:20 AM
[World] NerdWallet: When can I shred these paper checks and bank statements? Answers to your online banking questions Mobile banking first-timers may be asking questions about how to handle the things they used to do in person.
Published:10/15/2020 4:01:56 AM
[World] A Russiagate Film Full of False Assumptions

Alex Gibney's new, four-hour documentary on election meddling does little to seek the facts, and descends into conspiracy.

The post A Russiagate Film Full of False Assumptions appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/14/2020 11:04:14 PM
[World] : Venmo’s new credit card has personalized rewards — it could affect perks across the industry Credit card issuers are looking to appeal to Gen Z at a time when travel-heavy rewards programs have lost their luster.
Published:10/14/2020 11:04:14 PM
[World] It's not NATO, but Quad group can get results in Asia

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently met with his counterparts from India, Australia and Japan in Tokyo. This gathering of "The Quad" is another example of this administration "doing diplomacy different" and, in some ways, maybe even better than the old ways.

It's fair to say President Trump doesn't do ... Published:10/14/2020 7:04:03 PM

[World] Dexter Is Being Revived As a Limited Series For Some Reason DexterBreaking news: Somebody somewhere has apparently been really missing Dexter. Showtime just announced that they're reviving the series for 10 episodes, with Michael C. Hall reprising...
Published:10/14/2020 4:37:46 PM
[World] The Margin: Trump and Biden will compete in dueling town halls at the same time Thursday Some voters threatened to boycott NBC. Others asked ABC to reschedule Biden’s time slot.
Published:10/14/2020 4:37:46 PM
[World] Democrats make fools of themselves at Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing

The Senate confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court has made certain things quite clear. One, our country would be in a much better position if people with the values, love of country and the constitution Judge Barrett exemplifies were reflective of those serving in the ... Published:10/14/2020 4:06:33 PM

[World] America 2020: Living in the Long Emergency

The U.S. never really recovered from 2008. In fact, we're in the middle of a much bigger crisis than most people have realized.

The post America 2020: Living in the Long Emergency appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/14/2020 4:06:33 PM
[World] Conservatives Shouldn’t Give Up on Academia

Rather than walk away from universities, they should challenge stereotypes about right-of-center ideas and try to change minds.

The post Conservatives Shouldn’t Give Up on Academia appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/14/2020 12:39:59 PM
[World] : Walmart will spread Black Friday deals over multiple days as retailers try new ways to drive holiday traffic Retailers are announcing promotional events that span throughout the month of November rather than focusing on Thanksgiving weekend
Published:10/14/2020 12:39:58 PM
[World] A Tale of Two Camps Published:10/14/2020 1:20:59 AM
[World] William Barr: Founders gambled on virtue prevailing over passions

In his renowned 1785 pamphlet "Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments," James Madison described religious liberty as not only "a right towards men" but also "a duty towards the Creator," and a "duty ... precedent both in order of time and degree of obligation, to the claims of Civil Society."

Published:10/14/2020 1:20:59 AM
[World] The Bankruptcy of ‘Bipartisan Foreign Policy’

A potential Biden Secretary of State lays out his case for a failed orthodoxy

The post The Bankruptcy of ‘Bipartisan Foreign Policy’ appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/14/2020 1:20:59 AM
[World] Kentucky pastor: 'A win for Joe Biden is a win for Marxism'

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley is biking the battleground states as part of an ongoing series, visiting 14 states in 14 days to hear what real Americans think of the 2020 election. All of her interviews may be found HERE.

OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY — HIS church Pastor Brian Gibson said in ... Published:10/13/2020 8:54:09 AM

[World] My Fling with a Proud Boy

A young liberal reflects on what a far-right romance taught her about men, women, love, and life.

The post My Fling with a Proud Boy appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/13/2020 8:54:08 AM
[World] [WATCH LIVE] Day Two: Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Published:10/13/2020 8:54:08 AM
[World] : Pandemic created strongest demand for PCs in more than a decade, analyses show The demands of at-home schooling and work amid the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the personal computer market to its strongest growth in more than a decade, according to third-party analyses released Monday.
Published:10/12/2020 3:44:27 PM
[World] Biden presidency bad for media business and America

Most voters have made some votes they regret — when they voted for a winner, and he or she did not live up to expectations. The situation is even worse when you convince someone to vote for a candidate who turns out to be a disaster. The person you convinced ... Published:10/12/2020 2:46:31 PM

[World] Coronavirus update: Global daily case tally sets another record with a rise of nearly 380,000 on Saturday, as Trump claims he is now immune and can’t transmit the virus A continued surge in new cases of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, including another record one-day rise globally and with more than three-fourths of the U.S. states seeing an increase in cases, has prompted calls for new shutdown measures, at a time that President Trump claimed that he is now immune and can’t transmit it to others.
Published:10/12/2020 1:36:23 PM
[World] First Look at Total Bellas Season 6: Brie & Nikki Bella Are Pregnant Mid-Pandemic! Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Bella Twins, Total Bellas The Bellas are back...and with bumps! That's right: Total Bellas is making its return to E! on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. and season 6 will truly be like no other, documenting the...
Published:10/12/2020 1:07:26 PM
[World] Gov. Andrew Cuomo's New York State of bankruptcy

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo has led his state to the edge of bankruptcy. Mr. Cuomo’s strategy for avoiding disaster is to bank on a Biden win in November that swings Congress Democratic. A left-leaning Congress would undoubtedly bail him out; but if Mr. Cuomo is wrong about the election ... Published:10/12/2020 12:44:17 PM

[World] Bethenny Frankel and Paul Bernon Break Up After 2 Years of Dating Bethenny Frankel, Paul Bernon, New Year's Eve 2019 Bethenny Frankel is back on the market. E! News has learned the former Real Housewives of New York City star and boyfriend Paul Bernon recently broke up after two years of...
Published:10/12/2020 12:44:17 PM
[World] Time for Trump to Renegotiate: The Columbia River Treaty Is Yet Another Bad Deal for Americans Published:10/12/2020 12:08:05 PM
[World] Election Countdown: Trump to resume rallies with Florida event tonight, as Biden visits Ohio With 22 days to go till the election, President Donald Trump on Monday is slated to speak in-person at an official campaign rally for the first time since contracting COVID-19, as he visits the swing state of Florida. Joe Biden is campaigning in Ohio, another battleground state.
Published:10/12/2020 11:34:29 AM
[World] Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci -- blasted in coronavirus-weary Oklahoma

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley is biking the battleground states as part of an ongoing series, visiting 14 states in 14 days to hear what real Americans think of the 2020 election. All of her interviews may be found HERE.

JENKS, OKLAHOMA — Oklahoma entrepreneur and podcaster Clay Clark, who's ... Published:10/12/2020 10:07:23 AM

[World] Peter Morici: The high costs of a contested election A contested election would be a recipe to damage the credibility of American democracy at home among peaceable citizens and abroad among investors.
Published:10/12/2020 5:01:42 AM
[World] Next Avenue: ‘I’m very lonely and depressed’—many nursing home residents say they feel like they are in prison The cost of isolating elders in nursing homes for months is taking an even steeper toll than advocates feared.
Published:10/12/2020 4:01:09 AM
[World] How Azerbaijan is Lobbying Washington to Sanitize its War

Documents reveal a flurry of activity to convince beltway elites that Armenia is the aggressor and the U.S. should favor Azerbaijan.

The post How Azerbaijan is Lobbying Washington to Sanitize its War appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/11/2020 11:02:32 PM
[World] Amy Coney Barrett attack campaign part of Democrats quest to destroy Supreme Court

For nearly 50 years now Democrats have plotted to annihilate the Supreme Court.

Unable to sell their dangerous, destructive — even murderous — legislative agenda to voters, Democrats instead sought to strip the judicial branch of its independence by infecting it with their own twisted partisanship.

The reigning euphemism of ... Published:10/11/2020 5:58:31 PM

[World] : Sam’s Club is adding 2,000 associates and more promotional days this holiday season Discount days already began last weekend and will continue through December
Published:10/11/2020 2:57:35 PM
[World] Come on, Man: Biden Says GOP Efforts to Confirm Barrett Are 'Not Constitutional' Published:10/11/2020 2:28:31 PM
[World] Were COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns worse than doing nothing?

One of the more informative moments of last week’s debate between the vice presidential candidates was Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris’s inability to identify anything that a Biden administration would have done differently than the Trump administration with respect to the coronavirus.

That, finally, might be a glimmer of sanity in ... Published:10/11/2020 1:56:38 PM

[World] Christians with guns as American as apple pie

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley is biking the battleground states as part of an ongoing series, visiting 14 states in 14 days to hear what real Americans think of the 2020 election. All of her interviews may be found HERE.

JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS — Imagine if you will a place where ... Published:10/11/2020 10:32:50 AM

[World] Saudi Prince Bandar Denounces Palestinian Leadership: Is Saudi-Israel Peace Deal Next? Published:10/11/2020 8:30:40 AM
[World] Will the U.S. answer China's aggression or become a paper tiger?

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have espoused similar positions on China, but whoever wins the election will have to deal with the stubborn facts of the threats it poses.

China’s actions — from its naval expansion to its bifurcation of the Internet — make clear its intention ... Published:10/10/2020 4:54:32 PM

[World] Judge Barrett embodies the Hebrew Bible's requisites for a righteous judge

With the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, the nation is once again embroiled in its recurring conflict over what judicial approach should animate our courts. 

Judge Barrett exemplifies the originalist approach, which dominated most of American history, where the U.S. Constitution’s text and its ... Published:10/10/2020 3:30:06 PM

[World] Coronavirus Rages in Europe. What Went Wrong? Published:10/10/2020 2:29:36 PM
[World] Happy Columbus Day, You Adorable White Supremacist You! Published:10/10/2020 1:47:07 PM
[World] Weekend Investor: Financial markets have waited patiently for fiscal stimulus. That might change soon We may be retrenching to the stock market-economy disconnect of the spring, and some analysts think something's gotta give.
Published:10/10/2020 11:46:37 AM
[World] Keith Olbermann Unleashes Unhinged Rant Against Trump, Demands Barrett Be 'Removed From Society' Published:10/10/2020 10:30:50 AM
[World] Trump Says He's 'Medication Free' in First On-Camera Interview Since Positive Test Published:10/10/2020 9:47:40 AM
[World] Mark Hulbert: What the Harvard endowment’s below-average grade can teach you about index funds and your investments Beating the market is tough — even for the best and brightest pros.
Published:10/10/2020 8:19:58 AM
[World] : Videogames are about to get more expensive for the first time in 15 years When a new generation of gaming consoles arrives ahead of the holidays, there will also be a new price tag on top-end videogames for the first time in more than a decade.
Published:10/10/2020 7:52:08 AM
[World] Treat Your Smartphone Like Hannibal Lecter

The devices in our pockets are dangerous, manipulative, and ready to turn against us. Why don't we act like it?

The post Treat Your Smartphone Like Hannibal Lecter appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/9/2020 11:13:10 PM
[World] Personal Finance Daily: What is a ‘poll watcher’ and who gets to be one on Election Day? and what HIPAA does (and doesn’t) protect Friday’s top personal finance stories
Published:10/9/2020 5:21:45 PM
[World] Currencies: Why China’s yuan just hit a 17-month high versus the U.S. dollar China's currency plays catch-up as weeklong holiday wins, in a move that reflects a strengthening economy and growing expectations Democratic challenger Joe Biden will defeat President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 presidential election.
Published:10/9/2020 3:09:23 PM
[World] Trump's prescription for COVID-19: Take two Hannitys and call me in the morning

Trump was on Fox News twice Thursday, Rush Limbaugh's radio show Friday and vows to let a doctor examine him live on Tucker Carlson's show tonight.

Published:10/9/2020 3:00:29 PM
[World] Florida Man Friday: The Radical Priest Came to Get Me Released, Plus When Emus Attack Published:10/9/2020 1:29:04 PM
[World] DOJ Sues Yale University Over Race-Based Admissions Policies Published:10/9/2020 12:10:09 PM
[World] An Academic Responds to His Cancellers

This professor's book was pulled because he published a controversial article. But none of the "scholarship" brought against him holds up.

The post An Academic Responds to His Cancellers appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/9/2020 12:10:09 PM
[World] Wow: President Trump Guest Hosts for Limbaugh, Will Get a Live Medical Evaluation on Tucker Carlson's Show Friday Published:10/9/2020 11:08:04 AM
[World] Economic Report: U.S. wholesale inventories climb 0.4% in August U.S. wholesale inventories rose by 0.4% in August as companies began to stock up again to replace dwindling supplies.
Published:10/9/2020 10:38:59 AM
[World] When Being Pro-Trump Is Worse Then Being Osama Bin Laden's Niece Published:10/9/2020 9:38:58 AM
[World] Metals Stocks: Gold pushes back above $1,900 an ounce, turns positive for the week Gold gains ground Friday, reclaiming the $1,900 an ounce threshold and turning positive for the week as the dollar loses ground and investors track stimulus talks in Washington.
Published:10/9/2020 9:38:58 AM
[World] The Morning Briefing: Vote Trump or Have Your Freedom Die Published:10/9/2020 7:09:58 AM
[World] NerdWallet: How to wear high-end labels without high-end prices Here are some tips for saving on sought-after labels with different price points and levels of brand prestige.
Published:10/9/2020 4:01:48 AM
[World] Not Just a Tattoo: Transgenderism Attacks Our Fundamental Humanity

We are a sexually dimorphic species, whether we like it or not.

The post Not Just a Tattoo: Transgenderism Attacks Our Fundamental Humanity appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/8/2020 11:45:30 PM
[World] Why We Should Question the Narrative on Masks

For all the science-signaling of its advocates, it's fairly obvious that mask mania is a psychological affair.

The post Why We Should Question the Narrative on Masks appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:10/8/2020 10:59:29 PM
[World] Something seriously amiss inside the Democrat victory party

Current polls show Joseph R. Biden anywhere from 10 to 20 points ahead of President Trump — a double-digit blowout.

The whole election will come down to Mr. Trump’s handling of the global pandemic, which extensive polling shows is where Mr. Trump is most vulnerable.

In 2016, President Trump barely ... Published:10/8/2020 9:31:56 PM

[World] If U.S. nationalizes 5G, we will lose the race to China

If Newt Gingrich, Rivada and others get their way, we could very well lose the 5G race to China.

Government officials have been exploring the concept of creating a nationalized 5G network that would be shared between the private sector and the Department of Defense. On Sept. 18, the department ... Published:10/8/2020 5:28:09 PM

[World] 'Chairman Xi, where is missing Bishop James Su Zhimin?'

Thirty-six years ago this Oct. 8, Bishop James Su Zhimin was arrested by the Chinese government.

He was never to be seen publicly again. It’s an appalling tactic and human rights violation the Chinese government inflicts on its citizens when it “disappears” a victim.

But Chinese Communist Party General-Secretary Xi ... Published:10/8/2020 3:27:53 PM

[World] When Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan engineered the collapse of communism

Pope John Paul II and President Reagan worked together to bring an end to atheistic Soviet communism. The two had a divine plan to stop the Soviet empire that was engaged in a war on religion and individual liberties. The work of a pope and a president helped bring about ... Published:10/8/2020 2:27:03 PM

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